Man Modifies Kayak So His Dogs Could Join On His Adventures

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I have three dogs, and it breaks my heart to leave the house and close the door on them. Their daily walk is their highlight. There have been many occasion out on an excursion that I have wished they were with me.

David, a retired orthopedic surgeon, customized his Kayak so that his two Golden retrievers could join him in his Kayak. Why find new hobbies if you can make an enjoyable and dog-friendly?

Golden retrievers love water! Now they get to go on David Bahnson’s adventures too..

Linda Bahnson

Have you ever started the car, and a furry family member jumps in ready for a trip? Something similar happened to David when preparing for a ride, Suzie, his retriever jumped into the baggage compartment of the Kayak. David decided to leave her just there, and that was the first of many trips. Suzie loved it.

Linda Bahnson

Things got complicated when adopting Ginger. It wasn’t very nice to leave Ginger on the dock. He would miss out on all the fun Suzie was having. Hence David created another slot for Ginger.

With a small inconvenience of less leg space, David created something similar to a triple Kayak. Presto – Double Dog Kayak.

Linda Bahnson

As Suzie and Ginger are well-behaved obedient dogs, they sit still while out on the water. They would only exit the Kayak once safely back onshore and waited for David’s command.

Linda Bahnson

Sadly this is quite an aged article as Suzie, and Ginger are dearly departed. David has since adopted new family members, and the tradition has continued.

David has shown that there is always a way to include the whole family in an adventure. Don’t close the door before considering the possibilities.

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