Man Lives In Hobbit House On A Budget Of About $5000 Yearly

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Former successful Photojournalist Dan Price decided to leave his career at the age of 33, as he had enough of the tiresome rat race and went to go live in Oregon underground.

Price inspired by a book he read in 1974 called Payne Hollow by Harlan Hubbard, which supports the rejection of modernity in approval of a primitive lifestyle.

Price headed west to Oregon woods to model his very own life after Hubbard’s.

Price left his stressful life and family and headed west to Oregon woods to model his very own life after Hubbard’s.

However, he started with a homemade tepee, then a simple small dome before moving on to tents and a beach shack. That didn’t cut it, and he wasn’t satisfied; therefore, he spent years carving out his hobbit-hole in the ground in the side of a hill.

To build his hobbit-hole he used construction material he managed to scavenge as well as other materials he could find in the meadow.

Photo creditNicolas Boullosa

In his 8 foot electric wired hobbit-hole, which consisted of one-room living space, sauna/bathhouse, as well as a ‘cave garage’ for his three-wheeled bike, as well as a rolling sleeping cushion, ceramic heater, and a hot plate.

Price lives on a $5.000 budget per year. His project cost him around $75. His lease is $100 a year for the land where he built his home beneath a horse pasture which consists of two acres of land.

In the cold winter months between November to April, Price heads to Hawaii, where he surfs. He supports himself by working a few odd jobs and a zine about his modest lifestyle called Moonlight Chronicles.

Photo creditNicolas Boullosa

Price has never looked back, he even wrote a book called ‘My Tiny House’ under the name Hoboartist.

‘When you get rid of things and you’re willing to have less, you’re given a gift of more,’ said Price as he sat in his 8-foot abode.

Photo creditNicolas Boullosa

Watch the video to learn more about Dan Price.

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