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Man Invites The Homeless People To Camp On His Lawn And Challenges The Mayor

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Many of us lead a good life, so we forget that some don’t have access to a good life. They lack money, food, water, and a roof above their head. Homeless people belong to that group, and they lead difficult life. They have to move from one place to another and don’t always have access to water and food. Some even have to deal with psychological issues and addictions. 

A man living outside Salt Lake City in Utah named Darin Mann 31 has allowed homeless people to pitch their tents on his lawn. He lives in the Fairpark neighborhood, so his lawn is a safe and secure space. Darin lets these homeless people use his bathroom and also allows them to volunteer at the community garden he runs in a nearby park.

He started this initiative because he understands the struggles of homeless people. After all, they are humans beings, and he aims to help and de-stigmatize homeless people.

There are about 15 people who live there. His lawn is known as the ‘Village Camp’. Darin believes that the community and the authorities need to take the necessary actions to solve this problem.

Since Darin has a zero policy tolerance for violence and substances, it has helped the homeless people living on his lawn to overcome addictions and work on themselves.

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Darin Mann has a ‘one-strike policy, and you’re out!’ He would like to help promote a positive image of the unsheltered folks, so they are really motivated as they want to be part of the community.

People fear homeless people and treat them indifferently. Therefore the homeless people appreciate Darin’s kindness towards them. According to him, if you give homeless people an opportunity, they will prove to you that they are kind and helpful.

Some of Darin’s neighbors have complained to city officials, and due to a code violation, he had been given two weeks to shut down the camp. Although some neighbors dislike this initiative, others have helped Darin by cooking for the camp and donating clothes. Some neighbors even hired homeless people to get household chores and odd jobs done.

Darin is meeting the city officials to discuss this situation and convince them to keep his camp open. Isn’t he a great example to us all? His kindness is immeasurable.

According to Fox13Now the Salt Lake County Health Department could eventually decide to force Mann to shut this down but has not done so. Yet, after receiving some complaints, Salt Lake City officials handed Mann a code violation commanding him to clean up his property and allowed him a two-week extension.

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At the time of publishing, we had no further updates.

There are some really kind, loving people out there. On The Open Mind, we have some heartwarming stories of people who help the people in need and even help animals. We also have some wonderful animal stories that will touch your heart and make your day.

Here we have residents in Dubin, Ireland, hanging coats on Dublin streets to help protect the homeless from the cold. The Warm for Winter organization will leave the warm clothing on Ha’Penny Bridge. It was rainy and windy; the coats would have been left under Connolly Bridge for protection.

On the flip side, a nurse who was working the night shift at Regional Alto Vale Hospital in Rio do Sul, in Brazil, was surprised when she came across an unusual sight at the hospital entrance. Stray dogs were blocking the entrance to the hospital. A homeless man’s dogs were waiting patiently outside the hospital for him. Dogs are truly a man’s best friend!

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