Man In Lockdown Sent Dog To Store With A Note For Cheetos

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In these challenging times, with most countries in lockdown globally, everyone is requested to stay home to stay safe. Social distancing is crucial as the virus spreads so quickly. 

Millions of people having to spend their days at home are finding creative ways to continue with their daily lives. Most are allowed out to purchase essentials such as medicine and groceries.

On day three of his self-isolation, a Mexican man, Antonio Muñoz, had a craving for Cheetos. He found the perfect solution to getting his snack. He figured that if he couldn’t go to the store across the street, he would get his dog to go. So he got his pet Chihuahua, Chokis, to go to the store. 

Antonio sends Chokis with a note and money in her collar to the store to buy Cheetos.

The note read (translated);
‘Hello Mister of the store, please sell my dog one Chetos orange, not red because they are too hot. Be careful to treat my dog right, or she will bite. Your neighbor across the street’.

Chokis seemed a little confused in the beginning, yet she executed the task pretty well. Amazingly she made her way to the store and returned with the Cheetos in her teeth.

Since the successful mission to the store, Chokis has since made other runs for snacks for Antonio.

Despite the common misconception that Chihuahuas are troublemakers, they can be pretty feisty and snappy, yet they are trainable. They are certainly a breed that is not afraid to use their voice as small as they are. 

Gives new meaning to Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

During lockdown and the fact we are not having social interaction with our friends and loved ones as before, it can be very challenging. Yet lockdown doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. 

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Images credit Antonio Muñoz

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