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Man Finds Stray Dog In His Car When He Returned From The Store

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As we all know, dogs are quite intelligent animals. Multiple stories prove the intelligence of the animal. One of which is a story about Rodrigo Coelho, a fellow dog owner who got a surprise visit from a runaway dog named Thor.

During a visit to the pharmacy, Coelho encountered a dog that opened and entered his car. During an interview with Bored Panda, Coelho said the mutt got into his car without any trouble and refused to leave the seat where he was sitting. 

Coelho took the dog back home with him, in the hope of finding the dog owners. When arriving home, one of Coelho dogs did not accept the runaway and was quite unhappy with his presence. 

Image credits: facedoninao

With the help of Coelho’s one million followers, the news spread quickly and went viral on social media. The first video of Thor nearly having 350 thousand views on the well-known social media platform, YouTube and the second in a close run with 160 thousand views. The videos both had lots of comments of people sending good luck wishes and hopeful messages.

Image credits: facedoninao

Soon after the videos were published, the owners contacted Coelho. Dyane and Maicon Thor’s owners were relieved to discover their pup in safe hands. 

Image credits: facedoninao

The owners informed Coelho that the dog’s name was Thor and that he ran away from his home that was about 8 kilometers (5 miles) away. They were thankful that their fellow family member was back in their care, and Coelho took such great care of their friend.

Image credits: facedoninao

More good news about stray and abandoned animals;

A rare occasion at the animal shelter, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, not once, twice, they emptied their cages in a week. It all happened during the world crisis.

Nick Abbott of Maine, who was born deaf, found his perfect mate, a dog he adopted through North Florida Rescue Maine. The dog which was also deaf, was taught sign language by Nick.

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Thanks to facedoninao for permission for the images.

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