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Man Documented A Moose And Her Twin Calves Chilling In His Backyard For The Day

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Uninvited guests made Roland Rydstrom’s day in Anchorage, Alaska. Rydstrom looked outside his home office (as he was working from home) window and was pleasantly surprised when he opened his blinds to see a mother moose and her two claves in his backyard. 

The mother and her twin calves, born in the area, arrived a bit before 9 am, after making two quick trips around the neighborhood, then decided to camp out in his backyard for the day. 

It appears they had a wonderful chilled day in his backyard. The calves had lunch, took a nap, and snuggled up together.

Courtesy of Roland Rydstrom

Rydstrom said, ” It’s very, very common to see moose in our backyard as it is on the normal “loop” for the moose who hang out in our neighborhood.” 

Courtesy of Roland Rydstrom

He could watch them from his work desk, which was a great distraction and fun way to spend the day editing concert footage for his job with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.

Courtesy of Roland Rydstrom

Throughout the day, Rydstrom took various pictures of them as they changed lounging spots or walked away and came back. He would go back to the window or the open door, which had a closed screen.

Courtesy of Roland Rydstrom

He expected them to walk away, yet every time he looked up, they were still there. They were oblivious of him as most of the time, their ears were up, so they were obviously alert.

Courtesy of Roland Rydstrom

The fence only runs along the back of Rydstrom’s property line, which encloses a green belt that belongs to a religious community nearby. The moose and all other animals can walk freely through the neighborhood.

Courtesy of Roland Rydstrom

Rydstrom also took a few pictures of the moose with Flat Stanley, which he had promised his cousins from Iowa and their elementary school group. Until now, there hadn’t been a moose while he was at home. 

Courtesy of Roland Rydstrom

After the moose and her calves left the yard, Rydstrom returned everything to its rightful place.

Courtesy of Roland Rydstrom

They didn’t even notice Rydstrom taking photos of them, and luckily he has allowed us to share them with you.

In parts of Alaska, the people are fortunate enough to get glimpses of wildlife in their neighborhood. 

When we remained indoors during the world’s most challenging days, nature healed; there were some fantastic sighting of wild animals roaming the streets in many countries.

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Chile: Pumas in Santiago.
Thailand: Monkeys in Lopburi.
Japan: Silka deer in Nara.

All images used are with permission of Roland Rydstrom

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