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Man Builds A $150 Mobile Tiny Home He Can Pull With His Bicycle   

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Have you ever heard of a mobile home that can be towed with a bicycle? I know I haven’t.

Recently a man has created a relatively small mobile house that can be towed using a bicycle. And the greatest part is, it only costs $150. Isn’t that just amazing?

Living in small places has become a trend nowadays because people spend their money on other things besides vast land and expensive furniture. 

Micro-living is definitely hard due to the limited space. But it is useful to those who love traveling. Paul Elkins is a self-taught artist and designer from Washington.

Attending the Burningman art festival for the first time awakened the artist inside him. He developed a love for micro-camping after he toured the country. This is when the idea to create his ‘micro airstream bike camper’ came, which is easily towed by a bicycle. Moreover, it is 6 feet 5 inches long and weighs around 60 pounds.

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The mobile home is eco-friendly too since the walls and floor were made using recycled campaign signs made out of coroplast plastic. They are joined together with zip ties.

Paul uses duct tape to ensure that the seal joints are waterproof. The tiny mobile home consists f a stove, sink, drawers, shelves, pop-up windows, a foam bed, bubble insulation, skylight, LED lights, rear reflective lights, and a stereo including an MP3 player. The house rests upon a wooden frame and two 20″ wheels. 

It cost him $150 to design the ‘Nomad Bicycle Camper,’ as he calls it. The structure is weatherproof, lightweight, portable as well as functional.

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If you like his designs, you can buy his tutorials from the website- Paul even has his own YouTube channel called ‘Paul Elkins’. There he shares many videos of his lifestyle and micro-living.

Tiny houses are definitely on the trend currently, yet minimalist lifestyles have some benefits, it also has many challenges.

Some tiny home dwellers buy their homes, while others build and design them to meet their needs, giving them a customization level.

Tiny houses are about easy, simple living, which sounds fantastic. You will spend less money on mortgage or rent. Yet, you will have to get rid of all the stuff you don’t need, which also means you will have to downsize sentimental items and memorabilia, even from your travels.

The truth is many unique problems come with every pint-sized living space — therefore turning these cute little dream homes into compact nightmares. 

Cramming everything you’re used to is a problem. You would have to cut out luxuries such as dishwashers, washing machines, to mention a few. Oh, and to downsize to a mini-fridge that can’t hold much and a tiny stovetop with no oven. You would probably have a compost toilet, and who is going to empty that.

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Finding a place to park is problematic. It’s illegal to park a tiny house where ever you want in most states because of zoning laws. You could park in an RV park, but even those parks can be restrictive. Even if you bought land, it could still be illegal to put a structure like a tiny home on it.

If you’re a person that loves your own space, that could be a huge problem. Therefore, before you decide to downsize, do some research to make sure this is for you.

Paul Elkins is a self taught designer, for more info: Paul Elkins

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All images are screenshots from the YouTube videos.

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