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Magnificent Gowns By French Designer Made From The Spines Of Books

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These gowns are nothing like you have ever see before! They look like they come out of a fairy tale book.

A French stylist, model maker, teacher, painter Sylvie Facon was genuinely inspired by fairytales. Her creations are ultra-feminine, refined and well studied.

Sylvie Facon gowns varie from book spines to pretty lacework, highlighting her versatility of skills. Without fantasy, these stunning garments could not be achieved. She certainly does not lack creativity in her work.

One of her most famous dresses was designed to represent and historic town in France named Arras. Hommage à Arras(“Homage to Arras”) which is a gorgeous gown encrusted with lace and pearls to represent the beauty of French history and fashion.

In February Facon is teaching textile beautification to students of the high couture school ‘Fashion Art International’ in a beautiful museum: Kakhe e golestan in Tehran.

This embedded dress is dedicated to her city; in point d organ at the centre, a painting illustrating a market scene on the grand square in 1880. Model Charlotte Caron.

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Solar Dial, hourglass, wheels, needles, pearls… for a color dress of time.

For all lovers d arras, our diamond of the hauts de France, which shines from its wealth. Painted Dress, encrusted with lace lace and to j bracq.

Textile Symphony to celebrate the new year. Silk Organza written of partitions, married to the sublime lace of the house jean bracq in caudry.

To see more of Sylvie Facon dresses, make sure to check out her Facebook page here.

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