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Maggie Endured The Unthinkable Only To Miraculously Recover And Help Others – What An Inspirational Dog

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Never assume that rescue dogs are damaged. Many have been abused in some form or another. Majority of them will make the best loving, loyal pets.

Maggie had a horrific life; severely abused, disabled, and old. Not a pedigree, yet a dog in a million and an inspiration to us all.

Despite the unthinkable she endured, she is a friendly and good-natured dog.

Someone before abandoning her had cut off her one ear. She had been shot about 17 times with a pellet gun, which left Maggie blind in both eyes.

Maggie’s incredible survival earned her the nickname of Maggie the Wunderdog.

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Here’s Maggie’s story and how she got her name;

A good samaritan found Maggie in Lebanon tied to a box, her body riddled with pellets, her ear cut off, pregnant and blind.

You have to sick and cold-hearted to mistreat any living person, animal or creature like that.

Maggie was handed over to a UK based rescue group, Wild at Heart Foundation, where the staff named her and vowed to find her the perfect home.

Kasey Carlin, who was struggling with depression at the time, came across a photo of Maggie and read Maggie’s story, which touched her heart immediately. She instantly knew she had to give her a home.

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With the love and attention that Kasey gave Maggie, Maggie thrived, and Kasey rediscovered her own sense of happiness again.

At some point, Kasey instinctively knew that Maggie would make the perfect therapy dog for those who were abused similarly and struggling with anxiety and depression.

Well, Kasey’s instincts were spot on. In a year, Maggie had gone from a neglected stray dog to a miraculous recovery earning her name “Wunderdog.” 

Kasey said that the most amazing thing about Maggie is how she can forgive people and be so friendly to strangers. She gives her entire heart to strangers. 

Maggie has an amazingly beautiful spirit with a zest for life. They have done wonder for each other as well as for Kasey’s other dog Mishka. Maggie helps Mishka come out of her shell and Mishka acts as Maggie’s guide dog.

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Maggie is also helping others by visiting the elderly in nursing homes and helping to teach children about overcoming disabilities. 

She certainly is a “Wunderdog.”

More info: IG Maggie The Wunderdog

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