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Loving Dog Sings To His Mom On The Phone

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Dog phones mom while she is away, and she couldn’t stop laughing when her dog sings to her on the phone.

Communication is vital to all us humans. Well, not just us; even animals communicate in their own way. How about an animal communicating with a human? Yes, you heard me right.

This is a story about how a dog communicated with its owner.

It is hard for a human as well as a pet dog to stay away from each other. There are even cases where dogs refused to eat and died just because their owners left them and went on a vacation or an important business trip. With the development of technology came along the phone.

As a dog owner, you must have felt like calling to check on your dog whenever you went away. In this scenario this woman actually managed to have a conversation with her puppy over the phone. Although their two different languages were quite a barrier, this didn’t stop their interesting conversation. 

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Stanley, the dog, was at home with the woman’s husband. The husband dialed his wife’s number and let their doggo speak to her. The video of them speaking became viral. Stanley reacts as soon as he hears his owner’s voice. Also, through the dog’s reaction, it is evident that he misses his mommy so badly.

It is fantastic how Stanley reacts to every single thing she says. When the woman asks him, “Were you a good boy today, Stanley?” and says, “tell me you love me,” he actually responds with howls. When keeps on howling when his owner’s husband asks, “do you miss your momma?” Stanley’s high pitched howls make him sound as if he is singing to his owner.

Isn’t that downright adorable? 

The footage is sure to melt your hearts. Whoever said that dogs couldn’t communicate and express their feelings was definitely wrong. If they look at the video of Stanley speaking over the phone, they are sure to be proven otherwise. 

Animals have feelings just like us humans. This story proves that. And all the dog owners out there can now try calling their dogs whenever they’re away. Who knows, it might work on cats too.

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Click below to bear witness to this amazing conversation.

Did you know that dogs hear almost twice as many frequencies as humans? Dogs may not understand everything you say, but they will still pay attention and listen, similar to humans. Research has discovered that, like humans, dogs respond to the tones and words of your voice.

Your tone is very important to a dog; as they say, your tone can set the pace.

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Dogs have an acute sense of smell. Therefore if you break wind, let rip, or fart, a dog, could also find it repulsive if it smells terrible and will walk away. That, my dear, is proof that dogs can identify the sulfurous odor of flatulence 😉

Images are screenshots of the YouTube video.

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