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Left - Treacle & Michael. Right - Anthony & Bobo


Lost & Stolen Heartwarming Stories Of Homeless Men Reuniting With Their Beloved Dogs

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Our first story is about a homeless man who was unable to cope after a fake police officer in London Bridge snatched his dog.

The “police officer” allegedly claimed Michael was abusing Treacle. Therefore he took her to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Michael would have to pay to get her back.

Michael’s dog Treacle, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was reported stolen. Michael was in a dreadful state and couldn’t cope after his dog allegedly stolen, which sparked a campaign on the internet to find Treacle.

A Facebook group was set up by Sami Trillo-Blanco to help find Treacle.

About a week later, Sarah Stephenson Rix posted a photo of the reunited pair at the usual place in London Bridge.

He is so happy to have her back.


Here we have another story:

Anthony Rogers, who’s dog Bobo went missing, he was in a dreadful state and depressed.

Memphis Animal Services

Anthony Rogers, an artist currently homeless from the Memphis area, woke up one morning to find his Staffordshire Terrier mix was missing.

He immediately asked his friends to help him look for his dog. He even put up flyers in the hope that someone would spot him.

Bobo landed up at the Memphis shelter, where an employee recognized him from the missing dog ads. She immediately contacted the number on the poster.

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A short time later, the dog and owner shared a heartwarming reunion. Bobo jumped into Rogers’ arms excitedly. He couldn’t contain his excitement.

Homeless pet owners do not abandon their pets, its all about unconditional love. They would go hungry to feed their pets.

A dog is undoubtedly a man’s best friend with unconditional love.

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