London Meets Tokyo In Exclusive Nike Air Zoom ‘Hemp’ Hype

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Hemp is one of the most potent plants globally, producing twice as much fiber as cotton. Hemp uses far less water and pesticides, which makes it an all-round viable product to use.

Although Tokyo and London are 6,000 miles apart, they also differ in culture, yet their appreciation towards street-wear bounds them together, with a keen eye on fashion trends.

In collaboration with Nike, they have decided to focus on the cities appreciation towards clean and contemporary styles with a simple ‘Hemp’ Air Zoom Type. Isn’t that just amazing? 

The latest model from Nike’s N.354 category, the Air Zoom, was a big hit in 2020. The design is similar to Nike’s fastest ever runner- the Air Zoom Alphafly Next%

Two Zoom Air pods occupy the forefoot of the pair’s midsole along with the TPU plate that runs through the middle, making it extraordinarily sensational footwear among fans in cities all around the world. Of course, not to mention London and Tokyo too.

This Air Zoom Type edition has drawn influence from Japanese design. The shoes being built with hemp across its uppers for a natural aesthetic look. Subtle hints of blue appear on the heel tab, and corduroy eye stay. This can also be seen on the printed Swooshes and stitching, which gives it a contrasting but complementary finish. 

The silhouette consists of ‘LDN’ and ‘TYO’ tongue lettering, as a tribute to the two inspirational cities. Finally, the shoe is signed off with its signature layered midsole for a better appearance and soft cloud-like cushioning. 

Doesn’t this design make you want to try it yourself? Scroll below to enjoy the pictures of this fantastic product. 

Hemp is excellent for the environment; it uses less water, pesticides, and herbicides. Hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants, and one of the first plants spun into valuable fiber. Hemp can rehabilitate the soil by removing toxins from it. 

Textiles and clothing made from hemp will last longer and replaced less often as it is more durable than cotton.

According to a report by Hypebeast, Nike has also partnered with clothing brand Stüssy to produce another hemp-based version of its Air Force 1 shoe.

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