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Landlord Gives Woman Rent Free Month And Surprises Her With Groceries On Her Porch

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Majority of the world is going through a very challenging time. The virus has caused havoc on the majority of people’s lives. 

So many people have lost their source of earnings, businesses have closed, and there is no guarantee that they will be in a position to open again. So it is not only the employees; it’s the employers that are suffering as well.

One kind-hearted landlord who has empathy sympathized with the situation that his tenants could be going through. He made a very thoughtful kind gesture.

Landlord Alan from Michigan refrained from collecting April’s rent from Christina Marie, a mother of four. Not only did he not collect rent, but he also surprised the woman with groceries for her and her family.

He asked Christina if they had food, of which she replied that she had three packs of meat left and needed to go during the week shopping. 

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To Chistina’s surprise, she received a text saying that she should go to her front porch. She was speechless and could not express her feelings when she saw the groceries on her front porch.

The groceries consisted of potatoes, milk, fresh and dry foods as well as diapers. She was so touched she posted on Instagram with a photo of the groceries and wrote “God Bless You.”

Christina Marie

Here we have another case where the landlord was not in a position to give Mark’s family a rent-free break, yet he never forced him to honor his lease agreement.

Mark, after another sleepless night, emailed his landlord and put his heart on his sleeve about his current situation. He had to move back to a smaller home.

Even though the government’s announcement of providing them with $2,000 per month for four months to those who lost their jobs, That was not enough to cover rent, bills, and food for a family of five.

Tears welled up in Mark’s eyes from his landlord’s reply. Mark was overcome with gratitude as he was expecting the worst, not words of compassion from his landlord. 

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Even though Mark had to move back to Toronto, his landlord was not going to charge him for damages for breaking the lease and would use his deposit to cover April’s rent.

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