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Kenyan Turns Waste Plastic into Bricks That’s 5X Stronger Than Concrete

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This amazing Kenyan woman has established a company that manufactures bricks using recycled plastic. Her name is Nzambi Matee, and she is transforming trash into cash. 

Nzambi Matee told reporters that she was tired of being on the sidelines. Therefore she decided to create a solution for commercial plastic waste. 

Before creating the company Gjenge Makers Ltd, which she founded in 2018, Nzambi Matee majored in material science. She was working as an engineer in Kenya’s oil industry when she quit her job in 2017 to begin creating and testing pavers.

The company converts plastic waste into building products. Nzambi is the African winner of the Young Champion of the Earth 2020. 

Plastic waste is a worldwide problem. 

Nairobi alone generates 500 metric tons of plastic waste every single day. Only a fraction of that is recycled. Nzambi realized that there was much they could do instead of waiting on the sidelines and complaining. 

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They get their plastic waste from factories for free. In order to form the bricks, they mix sand with plastic waste. The plastic acts as a binding agent. They only use three machines for this process. The extruder does the mixing of plastic waste with sand at a very high temperature. The press compresses it. 

Since plastic is fibrous in nature, the brick has a stronger compression strength. It’s half the original brick weight, therefore making transportation and installation easier and faster in terms of the cost implication.

They have the capacity to produce 1000-1500 bricks per day. Up to now, Nzambi and her team have recycled 20 metric tons.

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Winning the Young Champion of the Earth has been a real motivation booster for them. Although they are only making paving blocks, they are hoping to start making building blocks. 

Nzambi is the proud designer of her brick manufacturing machines too. More than 110 employees are working under her. She also hopes to add a bigger manufacturing line to triple her production capacity. 

Isn’t she an inspiration to us all? Her initiative reduces environmental pollution effectively. We should also encourage other countries to take on this initiative because we will all benefit from it. 

There have been many people coming up with solutions for plastic waste. 

Here we have a man named Ismaël Essome Ebone from Cameroon who came up with another fantastic idea, which he hopes will reduce pollution by transforming plastic bottles into canoes.

He was inspired to create these canoes after seeing plastic bottles floating on water during a thunderstorm.

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Featured image is taken for the YouTube video. For more info: Gjenge Makers Ltd

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