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It’s Not a Blood-Filled Beach; It’s Mother Nature At Her Finest

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The red sand does look a bit bloody, and you may wonder why.

Hormuz Island, situated in the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, also known as the rainbow island, is a place that never fails to inspire awe amongst people.

Hormuz Island is in Iran and has a breathtaking landscape being one of the most colorful and magical islands in the Middle East. There is a wide range of colors in nature on this tiny island; that is why it is also called the Rainbow Island of Iran.

To me, the most interesting place on the island is the red beach. Some people refer to this beach as the blood beach and the sea there, bloody sea. Bloody beach sounds and looks a bit scary, doesn’t it? Yes, you can swim in it 🙂

Fars News Agency, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The red sand does look a bit bloody, and you may wonder why the water is red. It’s simple because the mountains’ red soil has a high concentration of iron oxide called “Golack” by the natives. The mountain as it is on the shoreline it makes the unusually red beach and red waves of the sea.

“Golack” is not just a valuable mineral for industrial purposes. The locals utilize it as a spice in their cuisine, such as jams and sauces.

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This mysterious place is also known as Hormoz Red Beach, Red Beach of Hormoz, Sahel-e Sorkh Hormuz Island. Hormuz Island has an area of about 42 km2 and is covered by sedimentary rock and layers of volcanic material on its surface.

When you walk along the shoreline, you will find parts where the sand glitters with metal compounds, incredibly mesmerizing at sunset or sunrise.

Hormuz Island has beautiful views, untouched nature, and various attractions. The soil changes color around you when you walk or ride. While there, you can view the unique red edible soil and other 70 colorful minerals.

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Would you like to visit Hormuz Island? I know I would!

The featured image is a screenshot from elhamgholami video on instagram.

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