These Volunteers Comforted Scared Shelter Animals During Fireworks

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In 2018 Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, Arizona, created an experimental program called “Calming the Canines.” July 4th was celebrated the right way and was a huge success.

The shelter opened their doors for the public to keep the animals calm. Jose Santiago, a staff member, posted a video on the shelter’s Facebook page, which received a fantastic response.

Animals are already stressed out having to live in a strange place, with lots of barking never mind fireworks exploding outside.

There are some compassionate people in this world, as approximately 200 people answered the shelter’s call to keep the animals’ company.

Considering these animals are kept confined in cages, this event provided an excellent opportunity to receive the love and attention they so desperately needed.

After a quick orientation and safety rules, the Shelter staff provided the pet calmers with toys, games, and treats to distract and comfort the animals. The animals were not allowed out of their kennels, but at least they were all entertained.

Amy Engel/Facebook

People brought their blankets, chairs, and even music. Some animals got sung to, and some were read to, while others sat with the animals giving them treats. Never the less the animal absolutely loved the attention and focused on their calmers instead of the noise happening outside.

Amy Engel/Facebook

Animals get frightened by the noise and the flashing lights of the fireworks and could run amok and end up at a shelter. Should there be fireworks in your area, stay in with your animals to distract and comfort them from the noise. Please consider all animals and other humans, as not everyone likes loud noises.

As Fourth of July approaches again, the MCACC has announced the return of “Calming the Canines.”

Would you like to volunteer? Contact MCACC here.

A fantastic initiative by MCACC, we hope that other shelters follow suit. Maybe you could initiate it in your community.

Cute dog in an animal shelter poking his nose through the fence.

ID 60408928 © Mexitographer l

There is nothing in this world like some love and affection…

ID 73008414 © Mosionroata77 l

With a bit of luck, some of the dogs may even find a new home…

ID 69860421 © Mexitographer l

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