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Instead of Arresting Them Policeman Buys The Family Food

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When we were just children, some of us used to dream of becoming police officers. Most of us have the utmost respect towards police officers.

But how does it exactly feel like to be a cop? It is a well-paid occupation with many benefits. Being a police officer can be rewarding, satisfying, fulfilling as well as sad and lonely.

They face new challenges every day of their lives. We tend to think that police officers are tough and hard-hearted, but this is not true. There are kind and generous police officers as well.

The policeman we’re going to talk about is also one such person. Matt Lima is a US police officer. He was called to a food store in Somerset, Massachusetts, to arrest a family. According to the reports, two women didn’t seem to be scanning all their groceries. 

This family was suspected of shoplifting. But this kind officer didn’t arrest the family. Instead, he decided to buy them food so that they could have a proper Christmas dinner.

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When Officer Lima questioned them, they confessed that they were going through a financially tough time and that they couldn’t afford to pay for the food. The two women merely wanted to give their children a decent Christmas dinner.

Although Officer Lima served the two ladies with a “no trespass” order, he didn’t press charges because the items on the shopping receipt only consisted of food items. Using his own money, the cop gave these women gift cards worth $250 so that they could buy food for their Christmas dinner from another shop belonging to the same chain.

The two women’s children reminded the policeman of his own children. He said it was evident that this family was in need, and he can’t imagine them without Christmas dinner.

The two women were equally shocked and grateful because of his kind gesture. It is mind-boggling because you don’t expect an outcome like this when dealing with a cop.

The two females thought that they were going to get arrested. This nice policeman was just doing what he felt was right, and he was looking at things from their perspective.

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I believe his actions were noble, don’t you think so too?

The featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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