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Inside The Narcissist’s Wicked Fantasy Mind

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The word narcissist comes up so often in today’s society, but what does the term “narcissist” really mean?

Narcissism is an actual personality disorder which is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Another name is NPD. NPD is characterised as a need for feeling significant and in constant need of admiration.

Narcissists view themselves differently. They lack empathy, with an arrogant and judgemental attitude. They are inclined to need excessive praise and attention. They tend to be very selfish in relationships.

It’s all about them. Makes you wonder if they are like that on a daily basis!

Narcissists are far and wide. They even radiate qualities that you admire with a sense of humor. They often know what to say at the right time. They can also make you laugh while taking you down. They can boost your confidence, and at the same time promote their own.

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Narcissists are deceptive, to the point of lifting you up and then tearing you down.

Lying is second nature to them, as they believe their own lies.

Should you question a narcissist, your distrust will be turned around before you even realise it and you will be left feeling guilty.

I once heard the saying;
“You’ll be expected to be their cheerleader, even when it’s you who needs encouragement the most.”

On the other hand narcissist aren’t psychopaths; they invariably full of envy, anxiety and they second guess themselves so often. Their life is a constant battle of insecurities, depression, as well as frustrations. Instead of seeking help for themselves they prey on others insecurities.

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The best solution is to distance yourself from the narcissist as soon as you recognise that you are in their company.

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