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Incredible Sculptures Created Out Of Recycled Materials By American

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Most people see scrap metal, brass, copper, silver, such as old cutlery, screws, car parts, nuts, and bolts, well any old metal belongs in a dump, but not Brain Mock, who sees more than just junk.

Brian Mock, a talented artist who grew up in Portland, Oregon, began drawing at an early age. As he aged, he began to paint and do wood carvings.

In the 90s, his enthusiasm for recycled metal started, and he taught himself how to weld.

credit: courtesy of Brian Mock

Together with his wild imagination and his passion for sculpting, he mastered some fantastic pieces of art. 

credit: courtesy of Brian Mock

Over the years, Mock’s techniques evolved drastically, and his sculptures have improved, not only is his work decorative, but he has also created functional sculptures. 

credit: courtesy of Brian Mock

He is intrigued by the challenge of creating unique pieces from a diverse collection of discarded objects. He gives these old items new and extraordinary life forms, as well as artistically challenging and a satisfying process.

credit: courtesy of Brian Mock

By using hundreds of pieces of discarded metal objects, he has created incredible life-size sculptures. Some of his sculptures include people, animals, cars, and robots.

credit: courtesy of Brian Mock

His creations are so impressive in size that he often places his dog or himself in photos for the scale of his work so that the audience can truly appreciate its beauty.

credit: courtesy of Brian Mock

His work is designed to be highly interactive and prompts viewers to question the reality of what they see. Mock claims that the reactions of the audience fuel his motivation.

credit: courtesy of Brian Mock

By artists using recycled or reusing objects and turning everyday trash into creative masterpieces, they are helping the environment. 

credit: courtesy of Brian Mock

More info: | Instagram | Facebook

All photographs featured within granted permission of use, courtesy of Brian Mock.
Do contact Brian Mock if you wish to feature his art.

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