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Husband Holds Up Sign At Hospital To Thank Staff For Saving His Wife Life

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Allison Swendsen, a registered nurse at Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey, was busy working when a knocking on the window of the emergency room got her attention.  

An unknown man knew he could not go into the emergency room. With tears rolling down his face, he was holding up a signboard, showing his gratitude, “Thank you all in emergency for saving my wife’s life – I love you all.”.

Allison asked about his wife, to which he replied,” She is going home today and has recovered” The reason for his wife being in hospital is unknown.

Allison was overwhelmed at his gesture and ask his permission to take a picture through the window. After capturing this heartfelt picture, she shared it with other medical professionals, family, and friends, saying, “All the feels… I love my job!”

Shay Vander Vliet posted the photo on Facebook, and it spread like wildfire.

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“ER” actress Kellie Martin shared the photo on Twitter and thanked Allison for her work and taking the time to share the picture that took her breath away! 

The man in the window said it all –Allison said, “I realized, this is why we do it.

Due to the challenging times the world is going through, people are pulling together and helping others in need. 

Neighbors are checking in on the elderly and sick, running errands for them. 

A newspaper in Portugal reported that a group of British residents, together with citizens and other nationalities, organization a charity and managed to raise money to buy medical supplies for the hospitals in the Algarve.

Photo credits:
Allison Swendsen
Permission granted by Shay Vander Vliet.

* Due to changes on the Facebook account ‘Shay Vandewr Vliet‘ – all hyperlinks had been removed until resolved.

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