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Humane Society Is Looking For Volunteers To Snuggle Shelter Puppies

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Jeff Honig, a retired Hillsborough County deputy, is there to comfort and cuddle with the dogs after surgery. Jeff volunteers at Tampa shelter ten hours a week.

Not only does he comfort the dogs, he also assists with the veterinarian and cleaning tasks. There are lots of students that are volunteering during summer. When they return to school, it’s entirely different, that’s when it gets harder to cope as there are fewer people to snuggle with the dogs.

Jeff Honig is an expert “dog snuggler.”

Surgery is very traumatic for everyone, even animals. Jeff Honig says that it is just as soothing for him to comfort the dogs as it is for the dogs.

Whatever time a volunteer can spare is genuinely appreciated by the staff and animals alike.

Most of them just got spayed or neutered.

Volunteers snuggle with pets who just had surgery.

Post-op puppies need the most love and attention. They are very scared and confused.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is currently looking for a group of volunteers to be ‘puppy snugglers.’

You can learn more about the ‘dog cuddler position by visiting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s website for more information.

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