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Not everyone loves to travel but those of us who do probably have a mental, or physical, list as long as our arm of places we’d like to visit. While we’d love to be jetting off to Sri Lanka, Costa Rica or New Zealand, the thing that stops most of us is money. Traveling is expensive, and then you have the added dilemma that if you’re away exploring the world, you’re probably not getting paid from your current job so you also have no income.

‘The Crazy Tourist’ have made this infographic showing how to travel for free. It suggests things like volunteering, couch surfing, and more. It even gives you some ideas for picking up a temporary income while you’re on the go.

Now before you quit your job to travel the world for free, we do have a few disclaimers. These tips may not work for some countries and it doesn’t mean you can travel without a single dollar.

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