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Something For Everyone In Lockdown – Learn Or Watch Online For Free

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Lockdown and reduced social interaction with friends and loved ones can be very challenging. It is even more difficult if you have children at home, especially if you have only one child. Two or more could at least occupy each other.

Being in a lockdown can overspill into arguments as suddenly we are in each other face. Unfortunately, all of us are in the same boat, so to speak, albeit our boats vary in shapes and sizes. Time flies but not in this situation.

Its imperative parents listen to their children’s fears and empathize in an age-appropriate manner placing the situation in context. Conversations should be factual, as well as explaining personal hygiene to them. Maintain routines.

Learn things you’ve wanted free online courses, audiobooks, ebooks, coloring books, movies plus more;

Since schools have closed globally, for many, this period of isolation represents an opportunity to learn something new online. At Open Culture, they have spent time gathering the resources you could use.

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At their selection of more than 1,500 free online courses, you can take dives into subjects from law and literature to archaeology and architecture to physics and psychology. If you would like to catch up on the work of Twain, or that of Dostoevsky, Kafka, Proust, and Wittgenstein, among others, they appear in their roundup of more than 800 free eBooks. Their collection of 1,1500 free movies will cover all your movie nights plus more links to other interesting free online things to do in lockdown. Click here for more Open Culture.

Free live virtual music;

Due to venues & bars shutting down, here’s your guide to live virtual concerts to watch. Click here NPR.

NASA opens their entire media library for the public as well as copyright free.

If you enjoy watching images of space, NASA has entertainment for you. They have opened their entire collection of videos, images, and sounds to the public searchable online, which you can use or download. Click here NASA.

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Are you interested in Museums and Art?

During your lockdown, there is a way to get some culture and education while confined to your home. 

Google Arts & Culture coupled up with over 500 museums and galleries around the globe to exhibits some of the most famous museums so that everyone can enjoy virtual tours online.

Paris Musées announced that they are offering 100,000 digital reproductions of artworks in the city’s museums as Open Access, free without restrictions, via its Collections portal. The masterpieces by artists which include Gustave Courbet, Rembrandt, Eugène Delacroix, and Anthony van Dyck, among other well-known and lesser-known names. They can be enjoyed digitally now.

Free service from a company in France offered:

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The chairman and chief executive of Canal plus Group, a French pay-TV provider Canal+ Tweeted they going free for everyone on all set-top boxes. For their subscribers, they are opening up access to all their channels., Documentaries, Youth, Series, and Cinema during the coronavirus lockdown.

Don’t get stuck on TV or mobile phones unless you using it constructively! The novelty will wear off and could have a profound effect on moods.

How do you occupy your child/children if they are not taking advantage of the free online offers, or are they too young?

Play board games where everyone in the family can play or play as teams.
Depends on the age of your children, you could play ‘I spy.’
Challenge your child/children to teach you new skills or activities that they have learned.
Do some yoga as a family or some other exercises. You can find some free ones on YouTube that you can follow.
Play active video games, such as Twister. Alternatively, GoNoodle, a favorite website which teachers use to combine physical activities in classrooms.
If you have a garden, you could play ball outside. Kick it, throw it, or even bounce it. 
Children love making tents in the house. Make one room as a playground.
Little children love to bake, make cookies where they could ice then.
You could involve your children in some long, avoided chores.
Be creative by painting or drawing.
Make a herb garden.
Renovate a room.

It is essential that you get sunshine and fresh air!

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