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How to Identify the Types of Spirit Guides Most Beneficial to You

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Opinions vary on the question of what are Spirit Guides. Some believe that they are independent supernatural beings such as Angels, Nature Spirits, Ascendant Masters or Ancestors that dwell in the spiritual world and elect to help us. Others suggest that Spirit Guides are parts of higher selves that manifest to help us find direction and wholeness.

Whatever your belief system, we can generally agree that we can all benefit from a little bit of guidance and direction in our lives. There is also surprising consistency in how individuals describe their Spirit Guides manifesting and working, regardless of their underlying philosophy.

It is generally believed that Spirit Guides are assigned to us before we are born, whether by a higher power or our own higher selves. This is done at a time when we are at one with the spiritual plane and the needs of our future selves are known to us, knowledge we lose when we incarnate into the physical plane.

Spirit Guides are not with us to control our actions or force us to take a certain path; entities that try and influence behaviour in this way are almost certainly something else entirely and should be avoided. Each individual must decide how to live their lives, and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Rather Spirit Guides provide signs and guidance, giving us information from the spiritual realm to help us make our decisions, much like our eyes and ears provide us with information from the physical world.

As Spirit Guides are part of the spiritual plane, it is difficult for them to manifest in the physical plane, and this is generally only heard of in cases of extreme danger or intense emotions. Spirit Guides do have a connection to your subconscious and use this to communicate with us. They will
draw danger to your attention with a feeling of distrust or anxiety, and highlight opportunities with a feeling of confidence or happiness. They will also draw attention to synchronicities or signs in the physical world to communicate a message: if you need to call your mother you may meet several people with the same name or other similar attributes in order to bring her to the front of your mind, or you will see repeated number sequences, known as angel numbers, that you can decipher.

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Spirit Guide Team

People rarely have just one Spirit Guide. While everyone will have a main Spirit Guide that will stay close to them throughout their lives (known to the Romans as the Genius), they rarely work alone. This primary guide is more like the captain of a team, drawing in other Spirit Guides at different times in your life as your needs change.

Spirit Guides are as diverse as humans, and they can play an infinite number of different roles in different people’s lives. However, below are a list of the types of guides commonly reported by individuals with a close relationship with their Spirit Guides and the roles they fulfil on their Spirit
Guide Team.


Protectors aid in times of danger. They help you avoid danger by giving you a distrustful feeling about boarding a plane or walking down a particular street, and provide strength in times of imminent danger, for example giving soldiers courage in times of war. You can call on your Protectorspirit anytime you need strength, courage or bravery. They are known to manifest in a variety of different forms, though large animals are very common. In my mind they bear a resemblance to J.K. Rowling’s Patronus charms in Harry Potter.

Gate Keepers

Gate Keepers work at the interface between the physical and spiritual worlds, protecting spiritual beings, and working to prevent malevolent being from entering and influencing our lives. You should seek to connect with your Gate Keeper if you suspect that a negative influence has entered your life or that of a loved one.

Message Bearers

Message Bearers aid us in improving our ability to receive messages from the spiritual world, especially if we are struggling to hear the messages that our other Spirit Guides are communicating. Message Bearers also work closely with psychics and clairvoyants who actively communicate with
the spiritual realm. While Message Bearers will generally appear as human, maintaining a form that is familiar to us and easy for us to engage with, they also quite commonly manifest as birds.

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Healers will come to us when we need physical, spiritual or emotional healing. They are often described by people who have suffered from a deep depression but have felt a guiding hand lift them out of their troubles, or as visiting physically sick people in their dreams and performing
healing rituals before an unexpected recovery. They are often described as appearing as ancient monks, old shamans or spiritual healers, again adopting a form that engenders trust.


Teachers help us on our journey of spiritual awakening, directing to towards books, classes or teachers in the physical plane that can help us expand our current state of enlightenment. Those looking to grow their spiritual awareness and take further steps on their spiritual path should call
down the help of their Teacher guides.

Joy Bringers

In dark times, Joy Bringers remind us that life is to be enjoyed and that laughter and happiness can have profound healing effects. They often manifest as children, fairies or mischievous spirits, and will provide lightness when times seem difficult.

These are only the most commonly reported types of Spirit Guides and the names we give them simple provide a common language for those who wish to share their experience. Each individual’s Spirit Guide Team is unique to that person and their particular needs. How an individual’s Spirit
Guides manifest is also unique to that individual, taking forms and names that will help their charge identify and trust them.

The best way to build a deeper connection with your Spirit Guides is to meditate in a way that opens you up to the spiritual world, and to be actively present in the physical world, ready to receive any signs and messages they may send you.

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By Sarah R, Guest writer,
The Open Mind

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