How To Get Rid Of Back Pain By Massaging Your Feet

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain By Massaging Your Feet

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Do you suffer with back pain? You will be surprised, but relief can be found in the strangest place, one being your feet!

Many of us have experienced back pain and it is just unwanted. However, people suffer from back pain all day every day. Back pain can be caused by a variety of things from moving furniture to a bulging disk in the spine. Well, there is a way that you can get rid of back pain without taking any medication. Reflexology is a type of massage therapy that is used for massaging the feet. Wait, what? Yep, that’s right. Get rid of your back pain, by getting a foot massage.

It has been revealed that pressure points for the spine are located on the sides of the feet starting from the top of the big toe down to the base of the heel. You can utilize these pressure points and relieve back pain.

• You’ll want to support the right foot with your left hand. Use the right thumb to thumb walk on the inside of the foot to work all of the spine’s reflexes.
• Start at the toe and press firmly with your thumb into the skin and thumb walk you finger along your foot.

Sleeping acupressure foot points

The pressure points while sleeping is located between the big toe and second toe. You’ll want to lie down on the floor, find the point midway between the toes. Apply tender pressure on the pressure point to relieve back pain and help the body heal faster.

Siting acupressure foot points

These points are located on the bottom of the foot. You’ll want to sit in a chair straight up. Massage the bottom of the foot from heel to toe with the thumb of your hand. Massaging the points on your foot while sitting will relax the body and reduce the pain.


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