How to Achieve Balance in The Game of Life

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When I take a good look at my life, what I have learned, and what I have experienced, I can honestly tell you that my primary motivation for living is to achieve balance. A life without balance develops into a life of anxiety, fear, and scarcity, all things that can be eliminated and avoided with awareness of your situation.

how to achieve balance in life

Life is simply a balancing act of you consciousness.

Life is an extremely tricky thing to manage, especially with all of the responsibilities you acquire as you become an adult in modern-day society. Learning to support yourself emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc. is no easy task, but can be achieved with continuous conscious effort on your part. It takes a ton of time and effort to discover and tune into the flow of abundance we all have access to. However, finding the proper flow in life allows you to reap the benefits you deserve from your temporary experience here on Earth.

Human beings by nature are creatures of habit. We instinctively seek structure to format the reality around us. When our foundation of structure is rattled, we experience negative feedback and emotion leading us to exercise improper judgement. Subconsciously, we experience negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and fear which can stunt and prevent our growth. Recognizing situations and events that make you uncomfortable is the first step to conquering the negativity in your life.

What in life makes you uncomfortable? Why does it make you uncomfortable? Is this something that conquering would require you to reach outside your “comfort zone?” One of the hardest things to do in life is step outside of your element, and step into a new world of fresh possibilities. The possibilities are endless, only restrained by the beliefs you hold internally.

how to achieve balance in life

Balance is only achieved with consistent effort on your part.

Your belief system dictates the reality you experience. If your belief system is full of positive, enriching thoughts, the reality you experience will reflect those beliefs. On the contrary, if your belief system is full of negative garbage, guess what? Your reality will reflect exactly that. Recognize that you are free to believe whatever you want. No one can tell you different unless you allow them to.

Playing the game of life has many different aspects. These different aspects intertwine to create your conscious experience of the world, and the universe at large. At the basic level, survival is your main focus. Food, water, and shelter are your first and foremost responsibilities. Once these basic needs are met, time is available to you to explore, experiment, and learn. What you choose to explore and experiment is your choice. Some individuals will share common interests, but many will have drastically different paths in life.

At this point, discovering what you are truly passionate is essential for living a fulfilling balanced life. Not pursuing what you are drawn to is a fatal mistake, it will leave you feeling hopeless and depressed. Fortunately, you have the power within you to pursue your interests and not feel trapped in what society “expects” of you. You choose the ultimate direction your life goes in, whether anyone believes in your path or not.

Achieving balance is crucial if you want to experience all that life has to offer. Without balance, the possibility of addiction begins to creep in. Overcoming addiction can be a difficult thing, but also can be completely avoided altogether with a proper game plan and approach to life. Your approach to living a well-balanced and fulfilling life is only possible if you make a 100% commitment to what you believe in. It is a 24/7/365 commitment to achieving your fullest potential. Your fullest potential has no boundaries, as the human mind is capable of reaching infinite potential barring you hold this belief to be true to yourself.

No one else matters in your life unless you decide they matter. Choosing the right social network to surround yourself is crucial, as a collective group of conscious individuals will ultimately benefit you in the long-run. If each and every individual you associate yourself with has a well drawn out plan for their future, in turn so will you. If individuals you associate with on a day-to-day basis have no goals, well guess what? You won’t either.

how to achieve balance in life

Channel your inner zen.

Balance in life is ultimately achieved by exercising self-awareness, and reflecting on the values and morals that you hold true to your higher self. Introspective reflection on a daily basis will help you achieve this. Sitting with yourself each day and becoming present allows for evaluation of where you stand in life. Do not become frightened if your present reality doesn’t suit your standards. Instead, work step by step to becoming what you truly want to be. Setbacks and failure are part of the learning experience, and come more frequently than actual success. Achieving success is done by evaluating failure, and adjusting your approach to finding the next opportunity to thrive.

Each waking day gives rise to fresh new opportunity. Focus on what needs to be done on a day-to-day basis without becoming too concerned about the bigger picture. Your bigger picture slowly begins to manifest itself into physical reality when you open yourself to believing your hard work will pay off. Immediate results are small, but add up over time. Dedicate each day to learning something new, experimenting with what you are drawn to, and never allowing failure to affect you emotionally. Stretch your comfort zone and exercise courage. Face your fears head on, and attack aspects of your life that bother you. Your life will become what you want when you decide to never take no for an answer. There is nothing you can’t do. if someone else has achieved it, so can you.

Follow in the footsteps of people you admire, and become someone who others will admire as well. This will create a more peaceful and balanced life for you, and also each and everyone you come into contact with. Stop wasting your time analyzing your past mistakes, and instead allocate as much time as you can to creating the future you ultimately desire.

You don’t have to see the entire staircase ahead of you, instead exercise the courage to take the first step! 🙂

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