Used Coffee Grounds Made Into Reusable Cups

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Plastic is becoming a serious problem for our oceans and for global pollution, especially the disposable plastic, which is difficult to expel definitively from our habits, as their use seems to never cease.

For this reason, a boy from Berlin, Julian Lechner, has devised an entirely innovative invention to try to put an end to this problem; his project is called Kaffeform and it is about making espresso and coffee cups using coffee grounds Cappuccino.

A really useful idea that raises the use of coffee grounds to a higher level; not just fertilizer for plants, now all this it is possible and applicable for the respect of the environment and intelligent re-use!

Lechner, in 2009, while deepening the product design, realized how much coffee he consumed with his colleagues every day; so he decided to reuse the removed coffee grounds to turn them into eco-friendly coffee cups.

This project involves Kaffeform and another startup, the Crow Cycle Courier Collective, which participates in this noble assignment aimed at safeguarding the environment.

The Crow Cycle Courier Collective collects about 110kg of coffee grounds from Kaffeform every day, and then cleans them up. Subsequently, they are sent to a different structure for drying and combined with vegetable fibers, natural resins and beech granules.

The product obtained, put under pressure in special molds, allows to obtain 6 cups and relative saucers; the final result includes 100% natural creations with 40% ground coffee at the base.

The positive outcome of this brilliant product is that it is distributed in 20 coffee shops in Berlin, and is used by 150 vendors Europeans; the success of the Lechner company allows these recycling procedures to be extended to the production of furniture and other everyday objects, so not just coffee and cappuccino cups.

These are small but large gestures to implement a more sustainable and conscious future, starting from waste, but which in reality does not I’m at all!

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