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Homeless Receive Free Food In Vending Machines

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When a man is faced with the terrible feeling of not having a home, a safe haven where he can take refuge, forcing the subject into a life of constant suffering and deprivation.

What does it feel like not having money to buy food or just clean clothes?
For this reason, the non-profit association Action Hunger, founded by Huzaifah Khaled, decided to install a completely free vending machine in front of the entrance to a shopping center in the British city of Nottingham.

This distributor is only accessible to homeless people; they do not need cash, they are given a magnetic key and with it they can get food, clean socks, toothbrushes and other essential items.

With this keycard, the homeless can take advantage of three products a day, but to continue using this key they must go to a convent and reactivate it; usually, the duration of the keycard is two weeks.

Huzaifah Khaled collaborates with other organizations and has also worked with a group, The Friary, a center that takes care of the homeless for thirty years.

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Action Hunger is planning a series of distributors to install as the various charitable organizations often have a limited bugd and the times in which they operate are a few hours.

“It requires homeless to schedule their days, making it hard to hold stable jobs or see family regularly,” says Khaled. “Our vending machines offer 24/7 access, so they can be used at a person’s convenience – and completely free of charge.”

“The idea is that users do not become dependent on the machines,” he explains. I believe we can ensure that. I believe we can ensure that. They will be able to support their homelessness to be curled altogether. “

While practicing as a student at Cambridge University, Khaled was influenced to carry out this project during a trip from Nottingham; he interacted with the homeless who stayed at the train stations.

“I always stopped to talk, often with a coffee or meal in hand” he confesses. “I developed an acute understanding of their needs, and learned that even to basic necessities like food and water was sporadic and of frequent cumbersome. . . I realized that there must be a more effective way.

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The work and perseverance of Khaled have meant that a company, N&W Global, has established to offer a machine that was established in December 2017.

The ideals of benevolent attention and care among these people have ensured that many volunteers and members of the community have come together to equip the distributors, while a businessman has given away another 100 machines.

Action Hunger is moving to expand in the United States, mounting a distributor in the city of New York, in February.

Other machines will be installed in Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. Khaled’s aim is to broadly reduce poverty and give hope to homeless people, an act of loving-kindness and propensity to help those most in need, to be taken as an example.

Featured image source: ITV

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