Homeless Mans Dogs Wait Patiently Outside The Hospital For Him

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A nurse working the night shift at Regional Alto Vale Hospital in Rio do Sul, Brazil came across an unusual sight at the entrance of the hospital. Stray dogs were blocking access to the hospital.

César, a destitute man, went to the hospital seeking treatment for his pre-existing health situation. Cris Mamprim, who is a nurse at the hospital, and her colleagues noticed a group of stays dogs assembled outside the door of the hospital.

Photo Credit: Cris Mamprim

The dogs were not able to follow him in, but that didn’t discourage them; they decided to camp outside the building.

They were not leaving; they were waiting for their human friend. These dogs were not your average strays, as they looked well fed.

According to Mamprim, César had stopped eating to feed his furry friends.

Photo Credit: Cris Mamprim

This man has a huge heart. Even though he has nothing and is reliant on others to overcome hunger, cold, and pain, he sacrifices all the food that he manages to get too fed his furry companions. He would rather starve than see them go hungry.

Seeing the dogs waiting at the door just goes to show their mutual love. They are unmistakably loved and well cared for.

Photo Credit: Cris Mamprim

These loyal dogs refused to leave until César was ready to join them. But not before the hospital staff allowed them inside for a meal.

Here is another example of loyal and faithful animals to their owners without any discrimination:

In Brazil, a homeless man was urgently taken to a hospital due to a stroke. This man Luiz had six dogs that stayed by him the whole time outside the hospital. They too would not budge without him. They howled when he was taken into the hospital and out of their sight.

Amigos de Patas Cianorte, who works towards saving animals sent staff to the hospital to help the dogs who were in obvious distress.

Fortunately, when the sun came up, Luiz’s condition had stabilized, and he was allowed to go home into his family’s care.

Dogs are indeed a mans best friend. They love unconditionally.

H/T Cris Mamprim

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