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Holographic Hair The Trend Is Back And Even More Beautiful

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So many beauty trends that come and go. Here we have Holographic hair doing the rounds again. Even if you are not brave enough to wear it, you have to admit that it is absolutely stunning and so unique.

Holographic hair takes a lot of time and hard work on the part of your hairstylist. Having these vibrant colors, you can definitely express yourself.

Interested in the procedure?

The first step is to bleach the hair as the base has to be white or blonde so that the colors stand out and give the best possible effect.

To visually look like a hologram, the colors are required to degrade and mix with others. The dark colors should remain on the edges so the clearing will have a rebound effect of light, which will then make it that much more realistic

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Your stylist would freehand have to paint shades of color onto your hair. It all comes together when iridescent textiles pick up light in small sections, highlighting folds and creases.

Small horizontal sections are done at a time rather than a block of color. Using foils like you would when you have streaks or traditional highlights would not work as you won’t get that three-dimensional look.

Unfortunately, the color can fade quickly. Therefore, you would have to be on top of your hair maintenance — regular visits to the salon for touch-ups. It is advisable to invest in color saving shampoo. It would be a good idea to use color-safe dry shampoos between washes. The less you wash your hair, the longer the color would last.

This unique combination of hair colors has been seen with numerous accessories and garments, yet it would seem it is hard to find accessories to wear in the hair.

Image credits Studio C Tribe

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