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Hilariously Caught Off Guard By The Dog Statue That Looks Exactly Like Him

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Having a dog can be really entertaining, especially because they tend to behave in a rather silly manner at times. Their silliness is sure to bring a smile to your face. The dog we talk about today made his owner laugh after seeing a statue that looked exactly like him.

A video of this incident was released on social media. This dog is over the moon when he sees his human, that is, only until he spots something else. He comes in wagging his tail, hoping to see his owner, instead, something else grabs his attention. It’s not something he can easily ignore, so he decides to check it out. And boy, was he shocked.

He stops suddenly as soon as he comes near to this unknown item. It doesn’t look like anything he has ever seen before, and he is curious as to why this mysterious object is in his spitting image.

The owner found this incident rather hilarious. In the background of the video, you can hear the owner chuckling and asking the dog, “What is it?”. To better identify this object, the dog heads in for a sniff. 

He gets closer to the dog statue and gives it a proper whiff. But it doesn’t seem to work, so the dog is left confused, unable to figure out precisely what he was dealing with here. He doesn’t realize that it is a statue. 

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The dog doesn’t seem to be on good terms with the statue either. So he backs away from the statue and even leaves the room. Although he leaves the room, he pokes his inside to make sure that he has a view of what is happening inside the room. Even after the owner encouraged this dog to come in and get to know this new friend, he didn’t move one inch. 

This whole interaction is funny, and it makes the owner laugh out loud. No matter how hard the owner tries to get the dog to like the statue, he is not on board with the idea. 

Then this dog decides to bark at the statue from the hallway. Making the human laugh even harder. Over one million viewers enjoyed this adorable as well as funny video. Let’s hope that this dog has gotten used to his new statue friend by now.

Animals can be hilarious. 

Here we have a horse who pretends to be dead when anyone tries to ride him. He does a theatrical maneuver with his hooves. He even rolls his eyes as he throws himself to the ground.

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Robin Williams once made a mourning Gorilla laugh as well. Robin was one amazing man. A foundation wanted to make Koko happy again because she became depressed, sad, and withdrawn after losing her friend, a gorilla named Michael. Williams agreed to do so, and laugh she did.

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