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Hiker Rescued After A Man Uses Photo to Pinpoint His Location

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Hiking can be somewhat risky because hikers tend to get lost, suffer various injuries and face dire medical consequences. Some hikers even suffer from injuries due to animal attacks. Yet, it still gives hikers an adrenaline rush and allows us to connect with nature. But there are definitely risks attached to hiking. 

Here we have Rene Compean, who was an unfortunate victim of a hiking risk. He went missing in the mountains of Southern California. Luckily for him, a stranger figured out his location thanks to a photo posted by the authorities. 

Rene was found on Tuesday due to the photograph which showed Rene’s feet dangling from a bed of rocks during his hike. This picture was more than enough for this stranger to determine Rene’s location and help the authorities save him. 

The hiker was reported missing near a ski destination named Mount Waterman, situated in the San Gabriel Mountains. Rene had sent his friend a picture saying that he was lost and that his phone battery was losing power. 

He was reported missing on Monday at 6.00 p.m. The picture he sent was turned over to the authorities. Although search parties were despatched, they failed to locate Rene. 

They couldn’t locate him through the picture’s metadata because he had disabled his phone’s location settings. After local authorities shared this picture on social media, a Twitter user named @ai6yrham came across it. He identified himself as Benjamin, a ham radio operator.

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Benjamin responded to the authorities with a thread consisting of satellite images and predicted coordinates of the lost hiker. The same afternoon Rene was discovered in the Angeles National Forest by rescuers. Fortunately, he was safe and hadn’t suffered any injuries. 

According to the Twitter user, he has used the scenery captured in Rene’s photograph to determine his location. Benjamin Kuo also expressed that figuring out locations of photos was a hobby of his. 

In an interview held afterward, Rene thanked Benjamin for the role he played in saving Rene. It was a good thing that the authorities found him since he had left the main path of the Angeles National Forest.

Sergeant Gilbert from the local authorities expressed the importance of first-time hikers alerting others about their location and providing friends and family with a detailed timeline of their day. Even buying satellite locating or messaging devices are useful for inexperienced hikers because then, they don’t have to rely on cell towers. 

Therefore if you are a hiker, always remember to take safety precautions when going on hikes. Your safety is in your own hands. 

Hiking risks and hazards:

  • Getting lost.
  • Medical incidents like heart attacks, strokes, and illnesses.
  • Heat Exhaustion.
  • Fatigue, hypothermia, and dehydration.
  • Injuries from a mishap, such as a slip and or a fall.
  • Injuries that are caused by insects, wild animals, and snakes.

A few tips to prepared for your hike:

  • Plan and do research about the trail.
  • Check regional information for potential animal life, poisonous plants, and local hunting areas/seasons.
  • Check online for other hike forums.
  • Do not rely solely on GPS technology, especially with limited service and unreliable battery power.
  • Choose the hiking trail according to your ability and fitness.
  • Make sure you have enough water.
  • Let someone know what your plans are.
  • Do not deviate from the path.
  • Avoid getting stuck out in the dark.

For more uplifting and other hiking news go to The Open Mind.

All images are posted with permission, for more info: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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