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Hidden Camera Records Cat Who Loves Stealing Neighbor’s Shoes

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This cat has single-handedly managed to shatter the belief that only dogs steal shoes. Hidden cameras caught this cat stealing neighborhood shoes at night.

The cat’s owner began noticing shoes in her yard that didn’t even belong to her. She then decided to install cameras to figure out what was going on.

Jordan’s owner found it utterly hilarious when she spotted him on camera in the act of stealing.

Jordan is just a 10-pound small cat. Jordan’s body is twice the size of the shoes he was carrying. So the owners found this pretty interesting.

Jordan has managed to steal over a hundred shoes, some of them are pairs, and the other was individual shoes.

His owner Ross felt bad for people who lost their shoes, thanks to Jordan. That is when they decided to install a tracker on him in order to track and watch where he was going. It was useful in narrowing down some of the owner’s shoes Jordan stole.

On some days, he even walked 9 miles back and forth, hunting for shoes. Isn’t it surprising that he was more interested in shoes than he was about birds?

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Ross made a Facebook account under the name “Jordan The Feline Cat Burglar.” It also said, “message me if you lost any shoes around my neighborhood.”

Some of the people responded and retrieved their shoes. The owners were able to give back about 30 shoes.

Jordan was fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood filled with good-humored neighbors who found this cat very funny.

No one suspected that it was a cat that stole their shoes. The owner explained that Jordan didn’t mean any harm and that she found it sweet that he was bringing her small gifts.

His newest habit is laying by the shoe he stole for 10 minutes. Jordan loves walking with his human. His late-night shenanigans don’t affect his daytime walks with his owner.

Image credits: Bj Ross

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Animals are wonderful creatures and can get up to some amazing things. If you have a pet that does unique things, let us know we would love to hear from you.

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