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Here’s How Crystals Can Help Raise The Vibes In Our Homes And Hearts

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Crystals have the ability to remove blocks that hold you back from your life purpose.

Our houses are supposed to be safe spaces. As humans, we put so much love and care into ensuring that our homes are like this. But different people bring in different energies into our safe sanctuaries, transforming the calmness into a storm. Crystals can help you preserve positive energies and rebalance energies. 

They have the ability to bring protection and uplift surroundings.

Using crystals at home, in your workplace, or adding them into your jewelry can help transform negative energies into positive ones. When placed in windows and doorways, crystals like Black Tourmaline help you keep away unwanted energies that come into your home. The Black Tourmaline also keeps your space protected and cleansed, giving positive energy.

Selenite and Auralite23 can be used in the living room and bedroom, as it gets rid of negative energies and purifies spaces. You can place it under the bed or on a night table.

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Selenite can cleanse other crystals. Using this crystal will allow you to have a peaceful slumber. Auralite23 is a powerful crystal because it consists of 23 other valuable minerals. It offers harmony and protection.

Auralite23 also brings peace, self-love, spiritual growth and has healing benefits. Shungite has amazing healing as well as protection properties. This crystal can balance a person’s mind and emotions while purifying the body. You can place it near electronics and places where we spend a lot of time because these crystals can protect a person from harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Rose Quartz is a crystal that brings love into a person’s life, whereas the Green Jade crystal adds wealth, health, and prosperity. You can also create an altar using these crystals; they are sure to bring positive energies into your life and home.

Crystals bring harmony and high vibrations to your home. They have various qualities. They remove the blocks that hold you back from your life’s purpose, healing, and more.

Super seven, otherwise known as Melody Stone or Sacred Stone, is a scarce mineral with seven crystals in one. The crystals are Lepidocrocite, Amethyst Cacoxenite, Goethite, Smoky Quartz, Quartz, and Rutilated Quartz, which brings you protection and releases negative emotions. They also help purify and release past patterns to reach a place of positivity, clarity, creativity, focus, and alignment with your Highest Path. 

Super seven is the key element to entering the spirit realm and unlocking the knowledge and ancient beings. The high frequency of this mineral helps you tune their energy to that of celestial beings, allowing you better to understand the meaning and purpose of your soul

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Some Super Seven minerals are unusual as they have red minerals within and coating the entire top of them. This is the Hematite that has been baffling geologists for decades. These Hematite additions have led to the nickname of “Super Eight,” implementing one with enough Earth’s energy to ground the higher powers within. Coated, this Super Seven is amongst the rarest variety of this stone, which can sell for thousands of dollars.

Working with Super Seven continually helps expand your consciousness while striving for complete mental clarity. This mineral helps bring the strength of your mind to the forefront. Once your mind is clear, you can then begin the journey of channeling the higher knowledge down to an earthly plane. Once this energy is grounded, it can then be applied to push you in the direction of your most desired dreams.

Did you know that plants bring positive energy and good fortune into your home as well!?

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