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Help Hydrate Our Pollinators By Making a Simple Bee Waterer

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‘Should bees disappear from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.’ Albert Einstein.

Bees play a vital role in the reproduction cycle of our ecosystem, as they are pollinators. I’m sure you all know that bees keep most plants and crops growing; without them, there wouldn’t be enough plantation to keep humans alive.

To name a few of the crops that would disappear without bees:
Oranges, Onions, Apples, Cucumbers, Grapefruit, Almonds, Avocados, Cherries, Pumpkins, and the list goes on.

The saying “Busy As A Bee”, originates from bees being hard workers. They work very hard, and when they land on a flower, the pollen from the flower sticks to their hairs on their bodies.

Bees get thirsty, especially in summer and need a safe landing place to drink water. They often drown in bird baths and other watering holes. So it would make perfect sense to create a safe watering place for the bees to land and stand.

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Here’s how to make a safe watering place, you would need:

– pebbles or marbles
– a shallow bowl or pan


  1. Place the pebbles or marbles in the pan or bowl.
  2. Fill it with water, but don’t cover the pebbles or marbles completely.
  3. Place it outside in a shady location, preferably off the ground.
  4. It’s best to check the water levels and replace the water regularly.
  5. Clean the pebbles or marbles at least once a week to prevent mosquitoes laying eggs in the water.

Don’t add sugar or honey. If a bee gets sugar from your waterering hole, it can break the cycle as it will keep coming back to the sugar source instead of the flowers. Other bees will learn of the source, and it could attract hundreds of bees. The honey, on the other hand, can contain spores of bacteria, deadly to bees. The bees will take the bacteria back to their hives, and could infect the entire colony.

Should you wish to get creative, you could add some moss, shells, flowers, and any other decorative pieces you may like to make your bee waterer really unique.

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