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Heartwarming Moments, Caretaker Comforts 1400lb bear

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The distinctive characteristics of animals and humans separate us, but our qualities bring us together. Just like us humans, animals too have feelings and emotions. They, too, can love and feel compassion.

Recently, a 1400lb Kodiak bear video hugging a human became quite popular among social media users. This heartwarming incident was captured on camera at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York.

Jimbo, the Kodiak bear, is 23-years-old. His owner is Jim Kowalczik. In the video, Jim hugs and cuddles Jimbo. Jimbo was born in a wildlife park in California. He was moved to the wildlife center when he was just a little cub. 

Jimbo wasn’t released into the wild because he wouldn’t survive out there. That’s how he became a member of the Kowalczik family.

Jimbo isn’t the only animal under their care. Jim and Susan Kowalczik have been taking care of injured and orphaned animals since 1996. Their 100-acre property is the home to 11 bears, consisting of Kodiak brown bears and black bears. 1400lb and 9-and-a-half feet tall Jimbo was at that time the largest family member.

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Image credit: Orphaned Wildlife Center

Despite Jimbo’s outer appearance, he was a gentle soul with a soft heart. Jim and Susan treat the bears as if they were their own children.

They love their bears, and the bears love them back. Jim, the owner, and Jimbo, the bear, have always shared tender moments. The bear found consolation in his owner.

When Jimbo was sick, he needed his owner more than ever, as being sick agitated him and made him feel rather uncomfortable. Fortunately, Jim’s affection towards Jimbo seemed to help him cope with his sickness. Jim’s love helped Jimbo to settle down. The way they hugged was rather emotional. 

 Sadly, Jimbo passed on 4/2018 and is fondly remember. He was one of their oldest bears and largest.

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Another bear brought to them when he was hit by a car, paralyzed and in a coma with a badly broken leg is Frankie.

His recovery story is impressive and inspiring. Frankie was so determined, and his ability to overcome a terrible situation and adapt to a totally different lifestyle was remarkable.

Image credit: Orphaned Wildlife Center

Poor Frankie was in a coma for three days and woke up paralyzed and could only blink his eyes and move his mouth, but amazingly on the sixth day, he began to move one of his legs, and the following day there was slight movement in his head and arms.

Frankie made a remarkable recovery due to the love and care of everyone around him.

The video below is sad and joyous as it shows the first time Frankie moved. It was miraculous to see. He sure was a fighter.

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The bond between humans and animals is heartwarming. Despite the differences, humans create unique bonds with animals.

Doesn’t these stories make you want to share a bond like this with an animal? I know I do. Please share with your family and friends if it touched your heart.

Advice before you help an animal:
As many animals could be dangerous, therefore they are best left alone unless they genuinely need help, as their best chance of survival is to be left alone. Should they need help, you should contact professionals.

It is important to remember if you think babies are left alone, wildlife mothers do not stay close to them all the time. They only check back on them periodically.

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All images are used with permission from Orphaned Wildlife Center. For more info: Orphaned Wildlife Center

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