Hawaii Coral Reefs And Marine Life Thriving As Humans Stay At Home

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The world is definitely recovering due to the lock-down.

Wild animals are coming into towns and roaming around freely. Not all of it is on a happy note, as some of the animals are coming into town looking for food as they relied on tourists. Well, even on the people living in the area for food.

One thing I’m sure of is that pollution statics are much better, especially in countries like India and China.

Hawaii is a beautiful country where thousand of tourists come all year round. Where many visitors and locals scuba dive, snorkel, and surf. With lockdown, even the locals are staying home, Hawaii is recovering.

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Schooling fish seem to more present in areas as well as spinner dolphins, especially in the bays West of Hawaii, where they were more prevailing.

Hanauma Bay is recovering daily. There were loads of tourists that went there to snorkeling, as the coral is beautiful and is on the shoreline, so you didn’t need to go far to see it.

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Shark’s Cover was usually jam-packed in spring daily. Now with the crowds gone, the water is more transparent and an abundance of algae covering rocks, which is fantastic for the ecosystem — walking on the rocks rub of the algae. The fish are swimming closer to the shoreline.

More fish have been spotted in the Molokini Crater area. All-round, it would seem that marine life is thriving without humans, as different behaviors and activities are happening which haven’t been seen in years, according to what Brian Neilson told Kron4

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With scientists staying home, it’s been hard to measure these improvements accurately. Hopefully, the biologists can get out in the field before the locals and tourists flood the beaches again.

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