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Guy Quits Job, Sells Everything He Owns, to Travel With His Cat

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Majority of us would love to spend our lives traveling, instead of a 9 to 5 job, waiting for a monthly pay cheque. It certainly takes a great amount of bravery and courage to pack it all up and travel.

Rich East is no regular guy, he quit his job, sold his house and all his possessions to travel. He kept his beloved rescue cat Willow.

Who would have imagined that a cat could make a such a perfect travel partner? Rich says Willow is so chilled and loves their lifestyle.

Willow has a tracking collar on which keeps her safe and allows Rich to keep track of her, and gives Rich peace of mind as he can track her at any time. Willow spends most of her time off the leash as she is keen to explore around the camps.

Rich and Willow set on their traveling adventure in 2015 when he left his hometown Hobart in Tasmania.

The unusual travel pair have achieved so much together and seen some really amazing places in Rich’s campervan. They have traveled more than 50,000 kilometers across Australia.

They have sailed the Great Barrier Reef, camped up mountains from Bourketown in Queensland all the way up to Northern Territory, visited all 6 states and 2 territories of Australia. Known in Aussie adventure cat slang as a Purrfect Eight. They spend loads of time in forests and on beaches.

Willow and Rich have adapted to life on the road and have made it their life. He couldn’t imagine traveling without Willow by his side.

One day, Marianne and her partner who were in their late 40’s questioned their purpose and goals in their lives, and that’s when they decided to travel.

Other people have also quit their jobs to travel. Though they didn’t have such an adorable companion as Willow, they followed their dreams.

Perusing what makes you happy is a choice.

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She’s the best travel buddy ever! Rich said he is so proud of Willow. She’s the cat that made his van a home and the whole of Australia her backyard.

You can follow Rich and Willow on the following links: | Instagram | Facebook

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