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Guy Dressed Up as Batman Rescues Shelter Animals From Euthanasia

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Not all heroes wear capes, yet this one does. He has saved dozens of animals from euthanasia.

27-year-old Chris Van Dorn volunteered to rescue animals in and around Orlando, Florida. An avid fan of Batman the fiction superhero, he decided to combine his two passions and wear a Batman outfit to bring attention to the importance of adopting a pet.

This fantastic superhero is fighting for those who don’t have a voice, these unfortunate animals that are in shelters.

Van Dorn wears his Batman outfit while rescuing animals and delivering them from the shelter to loving homes..

Image credits: batman4paws

Initially, Van Dorn used the Batman outfit as a means to keep his rescue missions anonymous. That didn’t last long as Van Dorn starred in the May GoFundMe as an honorary ‘Hero,’ for all his good deeds.

When he was starting up, he kept everything very anonymous. He even went as far as signing everything ‘Bruce Wayne’ as not to put his real name out there. His catchphrase is, ‘It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.’

The GoFundMe article raised around $32,000 in 10 months, which has helped finance his rescue missions. He is hoping to raise $35,000.

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Van Dorn Batmobile has been a humble Honda Accord since he launched Batman4Paws, a nonprofit organization to rescue and transport animals back in 2018. He is hoping to upgrade so the rescue missions can be more efficient. He is also hopeful that one day his pilot’s license will come in handy to use air travel to transport these furry friends.

Batman gets requests via modern means of communication, either email, social media, or telephonically. Once the paperwork has been done, and he then picks up the animals and brings them to safety.

Image credits: batman4paws

Nine out of ten dogs warm up to him because he keeps dog treats in his suit.

Recently his dog, Mr. Boots passed a therapy dog test, so now the two plan to visit hospital patients dressed as Batman and Robin. They have already volunteered to attend adoption events and will be making plenty of guest appearance together. It was Mr. Boots who inspired Van Dorn’s interest in animal rescue.

Image credits: batman4paws

Humble Van Dorn says he is not the hero; he is only the middleman. The heroes are the people giving the animals a good loving home.

Not all heroes wear capes, and you too can make a difference. Instead of buying a pet, rather adopt.

Image credits: batman4paws

Would you like to learn more about Van Dorn or make a donation, you can visit: Instagram / Batman4Paws

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