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Grieving Cat Spends Year By The Grave Of Her Owner

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A 28-year-old from Central Java named Keli Keningau Prayitno was walking when she heard a strange sound coming from near a burial plot.

As we all know, dogs are very loyal companions. But it isn’t only dogs who are loyal, and this story proves that. 

Keli soon found out that it was a cat mourning for her deceased human parent. As we all know, dogs are very loyal companions. But it isn’t only dogs who are loyal, and this story proves that. 

Keli’s heart melted after seeing this. Therefore, she decided to take the feline home. Although she did this, the cat returned back to her previous owner’s gravestone every single day.

This story went viral after the pictures were shared on social media, leaving many people heartbroken at its sight. This feline goes to her former home every day, just to get fed by the children who still live there. 

After having her meal, she goes back to the burial plot to be beside the person she loves the most in this world. 

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Strangers also give her food and water, yet all the cat wants to do is roll around and sleep at the grave.

According to Keli, this cat has been staying near the gravestone for about a year now. She tried to help the cat thinking that it was homeless, but the cat would return to the burial plot every single time. It was the cat’s daily routine. 

Keli developed an interest in this cat’s life and decided to dig up some information. 

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She found out that this feline belonged to an old lady named Kundari, who had passed away. Although many people tried to get the cat to budge from this spot, they failed miserably.

Even bribing her with food and water didn’t seem to work. This cat was determined to stay beside her human. Although this happened around 2016, it just goes to show how loyal animals are. There’s so much we humans can learn from them.

Animals can get attached to their owners. Although cats can seem aloof they can grieve after their owner passes away. Felines are known to become anxious and lose interest in the outer world. 

Cats can alter their behavior just like people when they are mourning. Here we have listed a few signs:

  • They could become listless and depressed.
  • Their appetite could decrease.
  • They may not be interested in playing.
  • They may tend to sleep more than usual.
  • They appear to be sulking around.
  • They may hide under the bed and be alone even more than usual.

As the saying goes, ‘time heals all wounds,’ yet if a cat is showing signs of depression, poor appetite, change in sleeping pattern, pacing, excessive vocalization, overgrooming, searching, these often disappear after a few weeks. However, it can take as much as six months or more.

Should cats be rehomed, they will remember and miss their owners in the days and weeks following being rehomed. It has been known that some cats can even be resentful or may no longer feel the same connection they once had with their previous owner.

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Featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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