Grandfathers Funeral Prank Gave Mourners A Last Laugh

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In Ireland, to be more precise, in Dublin, a very ironic man before dying, planned a joke to put in place during his funeral. He wanted to give his loved ones a last smile/laugh during this sad moment.

The man in question is named Shay Bradley, father of four children and grandfather of eight grandchildren, died after having fought against a long illness.

Video footage of the funeral has gone viral on social media thanks to this joke organized by Bradley. The video was posted on Facebook from her daughter, Andrea Bradley, showing the mourners in the Bohernabreena cemetery gathering together in front of the open grave that contained Mr. Bradley’s coffin.

In the video, you can see the people present at the funeral while crying, when suddenly, you hear the voice of Mr. Bradley! The tone is perceptible and seems to come from the coffin!

Grandfather's Funeral Prank

That's one way to get the last laugh!An Irish grandfather has pranked his loved ones at his own funeral with a hilarious message from beyond the grave. #9ACA

Posted by A Current Affair on Monday, October 14, 2019

Hello?” – Then knocking sounds from inside the coffin! – “Let me out!”

Shay had prepared the joke before he died, recording his voice and making it flow from inside the coffin.

People seem shocked at first. In the video, you can see the stunned faces of the mourners, as everyone thinks Shay is speaking from beyond the grave!

Subsequently, people sense that was it was pre-recorded, and participants start to laugh while Shay’s voice continues to speak – “It’s * dark in here.”

The joke ends at the end with the voice of Bradley singing the lyrics of a song by Neil Diamond – “Hello again … hello. I just called to say … goodbye. “

Bradley’s daughter wrote on Facebook: “My dad’s dying wish, always the pranksters, ya got them good Poppabear and gave us all a laugh just when we needed it! Love you forever, Poppabear.”

Mr. Bradley’s niece, Chloe Kiernan, also wrote a loving message on twitter: “My grandad wanted everyone leaving his funeral with a smile on his face, and that’s exactly what he got, I’m so proud. Never a day went by he wasn’t cracking a joke or have a smile on his face no matter the circumstances.”

The beauty of it all is how Bradley, during a moment of sadness, devised a joke that could cheer up the people dear to him. A joking gesture but one that contains so much tenderness, and that dispenses joy for us to remember that death can do nothing against the love of a family member.

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