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Gorilla Tenderly Checks On Injured Bird 

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Gorillas are quite similar to human beings. Compared to other animals, they are very intelligent. I’m sure that every one of you has seen many movies about them. Most of these movies showcase their high level of intelligence. 

This story is about how a gorilla approached an injured bird that fell into his enclosure. He made sure to tend to the injured bird with care and love. The incident occurred in a gorilla enclosure at a zoo in New South Wales, Australia. 

One of the visitors who witnessed this incident managed to capture it on camera. The video of the gorilla checking on the wounded bird has been circling on the internet ever since. The visitor managed to catch a very heartwarming moment. 

First, the gorilla walks towards the bird and has a close look at the bird. From the way he looks at the injured bird, we notice how careful he is with it. He then tenderly touches the bird and tries to get it to move. Although the wounded bird flutters its wings, it doesn’t fly away. 

While he was visiting the gorilla enclosure at the zoo, the videographer said one of the gorillas noticed an injured bird. The gorilla walked over to the bird and very gently tried to get the bird to fly. When the bird didn’t fly, the gorilla walked away without harming it. He was amazed that such a huge animal could be that gentle.

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After trying so hard to help the bird, the gorilla finally walks away. Gorillas are also known as ‘gentle giants,’ and this video proves that. The video clearly depicts the emotional intelligence of Gorillas. They are emotional and compassionate, similar to humans. 

Look at this heart-touching video below.

You must have heard of the world-famous comedian Robin Williams, he was very loved for the way he was able to bring smiles to people. It was very tragic when he passed away. 

After his death, he’s remembered for his unique ability to connect with all characters of people. Williams created a bond between Koko, the gorilla. The connection with Koko was formed through sign language. To watch the video of them bonding playfully, click here.

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Gorillas predominantly herbivorous apes that inhabit the forest of central Sub-Saharan Africa. The Gorilla species are divided into two, the eastern gorillas and the western gorillas, and either four or five subspecies. They are the biggest living primates.

Their lifespan is roughly 35 to 40 years, and they can grow to about 1.6 m tall. Their strength is about ten times their body weight.

Gorillas eat mainly vegetarian diets. They feed on stems, bamboo shoots, and fruits. Western lowland gorillas have an appetite for termites and ants and break open termite nests to eat the larvae.

Featured image is taken from the YouTube video.

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