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Where Is My Karma — Run But You Can’t Hide

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What if I’m good and do good, and I still receive ”bad” karma? How does this side of Karma work?

This is a form of Karma which you create.

In your life, you have either experienced and/or heard of people doing wrong to others unintentionally and have paid those consequences.

This is more than okay, whether you did not intentionally mean to wrong someone and got handed the consequences. Regardless you felt you did or did not deserve it.

The fact is, we don’t always get what we want in the most ideal way we could possibly imagine. We envision we desire, we wish and don’t take a breath to look around at the bigger picture. This is no doubt we endure these ”unveilings” in such manners of self-doubt, struck emotions, overthinking and consistently looping these same patterns and questions we are all too familiar with, never getting a solid answer.

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”This is not where I belong!?”

”why me!?”

”I do not deserve this!”

Here is your answer: You are going through a process which you had asked for. You spent so much time imagining and dreaming of what it’s like, though did not spend any energy envisioning and thinking about what it takes to get there.

Now your mid manifestation, dissolving old patterns and opening new threads, making it possible in your life.

Quite fighting yourself. Deal with it or shift it.

Rest assured, all of these experiences are okay, there is no one-way about it. If and when you find yourself in these stages of life, just remember your wishes are coming to light.

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We all learned to walk using the same mental approaches – Falling was never a challenge, falling was essential to walking, they were the same. We envisioned walking, desired, aligned and we archived it.

All these situations gift us the experience and knowledge we required to archive our dreams.

Remember this one? ”Be careful what you wish for!”

Makes more sense now right?!

”Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change!”

The type of energy that you put out into the universe is bound to come back to you tenfold. This applies to so many aspects of life that we sometimes forget about when we are trying to do the right things.

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Karma is considered a force of the universe that is responsible for leveling the playing field and reminding those who stepped on the toes of innocent people that there will always be a reckoning.

You will hear people say, “Do not revenge, just let it be, karma will take care of it”.

Others will say, “Oh no look at him, you cannot run from karma”.

People believe that the depth and intensity of the pain created because of your actions will determine the outcome of a particular circumstance in your future endeavors. It may be work related or family related but the result is usually the same. For example, a boss who preys on the weakness of his employees by paying them low wages because they lack a voice may find himself in a public scandal and lose everything in some point in the future.

They say, “Do not lie to sick people, it is bad karma”.

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You may also hear adults warning children saying, “Do not laugh at handicapped people, it is bad karma”.

This means that some things in this life are sacred hence you do not dare mock them. Other things include the word of God, which is the Bible, the church, the less fortunate in the society and servants of God. Parents teach children from a young age to trade carefully while dealing with these sensitive issues.

The wrath of karma is inevitable when you cross these lines in life.

You can run but you cannot hide.

You will grow up and experience the same thing you put me through, says an angry parent to their child.

One day you will know how it feels like to live from one meal to the next and you will remember your words, says an angry relative to their rich uncle.

Sometimes people speak karma into existence. It is as if they literally curse you. You do something bad to them and they tell you it is going to come back to you and it does. When the moment comes when karma breathes life into their words, you look back, reflect and realize that the moment has come for you to pay for your sins. It may seem like they cursed you but no, the purity and genuineness of somebody’s pain has the capacity to make you or break you.

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Mess with me and karma will deal with you, mess with my family and I will become karma, says everyone dealing with a potential threat.

Revenge, no way, I will sit here and watch karma deal with you, says anyone experiencing pain because of someone else.

Karma is the justice you cannot escape.

It is a higher power that ensures every person is accountable for his or her actions. You know what is in store for you if you dare prey on the innocence of others. Be it hurting their feelings, stealing from them, murdering their loved ones, insulting their social life or presenting false truths about them. The bottom line is that actions have consequences and it does not matter the amount of time that passes, karma will always catch up with you.

Karma is painful, says everyone who witnesses karma at its best.

Karma does your thing, says witnesses to karma’s brutality.

The pain you will experience from karma will be a fraction of the pain you inflicted on other people. Karma has a way of paying you back ten times over and you cannot deal with that pain without falling apart. In some way, it tells you:

Hey there, this world is not like your bachelor pad where you get away with everything you do, this world has got rules and I am the big bad boss.

You dare not wish for a dose of your own medicine because you will not be able to take it lying down. You will scream and beg and nobody will be there to comfort you or to take your pain. That is when you will know that this world belongs to every person, weak or strong. The oxygen we inhale every day is a gift and when you try to rise above everyone else by stepping on others, karma will cut you down.

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Karma is the universe custodian of right and wrong and you will always feel it anytime karma is doing its things. You will know at that moment, you totally deserve it.

By Richie Bernardo & Ane Krstevska

This article is copyrighted material and not permitted to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute without asking for prior permission by The Open Mind. 

Image source: Shutterstock (licensed)/By Lonely

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