Golden Retriever Saves Koala And Brings It Home

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Kerry McKinnon from Strathdownie, Victoria, Australia, said that she burst out laughing when she discovered a baby koala snuggling on top of her Golden Retriever dog named Asha.

One morning Kerry wasn’t fully awake yet when her husband called her to come downstairs and see what their dog Asha had perched on her back.

They were both pleasantly surprised to discover this tiny marsupial clinging to Asha’s back.

When Kerry burst out laughing, poor Asha didn’t know what to think. She kept looking at her with a confused look on her face.

Asha kept looking back at the koala without trying to get it off. The dog was happy to let it snuggle.

Asha has acclaimed as a hero after saving the abandoned koala. It’s speculated that the temperature plummeted to about 5C; therefore, the lost koala probably separated from its mother snuck into the back porch and cuddled up to Asha. The koala was perhaps looking for someplace safe and warm. But nobody will ever really know the truth and how it landed up there.

According to Kerry McKinnon, she felt that the koala would not have made it through the night if it hadn’t stumbled upon Asha. Not to mention the predators that prowl at night.

Since Asha’s heroic act, the koala was checked out by a vet and is doing well. At the time of writing, the little marsupial was being looked after by a koala wildlife rehabilitator before it can be released back into the wild.

Koala bears are an arboreal herbivorous marsupial native to Australia and are so adorable, and many people would love to have one. In some US states, the law prohibits owning wild animals as pets. It is considered illegal to own a koala bear as a pet. Australia has banned the export of koalas except in the case of zoos.

The Australian Koala Foundation confirmed, with only about 80,000 members of the species left in the wild, there is not enough to support a new generation. They have declared them ‘functionally extinct,’ which means that the population has dropped to a low, destined to disappear forever. ( › 2019/05/16 )

These marsupials could soon become extinct, leaving a void in the Australian outback and our hearts.

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