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Golden Retriever Goes For a Walk and Comes Back With a Stray Kitten He Just Rescued

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Most of us believe that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. But this story is sure to change your mind. Just like humans, animals too care for each other. They even care about animals from other species. We’re going to talk about a caring doggo and a stray kitten. 

A Golden Retriever saved a stray kitten, and this video of this was rather heartwarming. This act won over everyone’s heart and was very emotional. The caring dog went on a day out with his owner when he came across a stray kitten. 

This Golden Retriever could not ignore the struggling helpless kitten, so he carried the kitten in using his mouth and took it to his owner, who was waiting for him. Although the human searched for the kitten’s family, they were nowhere to be found. 

According to the appearance, the kitten looked like a stray kitten. Therefore the owner decided to take the kitten home. As soon as they got home, the human fed the starving little kitten. After that, things got better. 

All the time, the Golden Retriever never left the kitten’s side. The dog knew that something was wrong with the kitten, so he rescued it and brought it to his owner.

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The kind dog even offered the stray kitten love and comfort. As soon as the kitten got better, both the dog and the kitten became best buddies. The Golden Retriever even carried the little kitten everywhere. The video also shows how careful the dog is with the kitten when carrying it with his mouth. 

The Golden Retriever licks the kitten as if it were his own. These two get along quite well. They even cuddle together. Isn’t that just adorable?

Their bond is very strong. This story shows us that caring for each other can bring us all together, no matter what our differences are. 

Golden Retriever dogs were bred to retrieve shot waterfowl, such as ducks and upland game birds, during shooting and hunting parties. The name ‘retriever’ relates to the breed’s ability to retrieve shot game uninjured as they have soft mouths.

They are even-tempered, affectionate, and intelligent. Golden retrievers are playful yet gentle, especially with children. They generally get along with other pets. They also don’t often bark and lack guard instincts. Therefore they won’t make a good watchdog.

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Their thick fur tends to trap dirt easily, and if not bathed regularly, they could smell.

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