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German Shepherds Saves Owner’s Life After Detecting The Big C In Her Breasts

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Dog lover Linda Munkley from Bargoed, south Wales says she owes her life to her two beloved German shepherds dogs for detecting her breast cancer.

Munkley was utterly baffled as to why her dogs Bea and Enya frequently began leaping up at her and sniffing, pawing or headbutting her chest.

At first, she thought her dogs were just an annoyance, yet as this strange behavior kept on, Munkley started checking her breasts. At first, she found nothing abnormal.

This strange behavior kept on, and after about eight weeks of the dogs pawing, sniffing, and headbutting at her chest Munkley found a lump in one of her breasts.

Munkley went to see the doctor for an examination, after having it analyzed, they confirmed it was a fast-growing form of breast cancer, which started spreading to the lymph nodes.

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Munkley proceeded with the treatment of chemotherapy. The dogs stopped sniffing, pawing, and headbutting her chest after the third treatment of chemotherapy.

Munkley carried with chemo for about six months and then had an operation to remove the lump, which she then had a month of radiotherapy.

Credit: Dave Evitts Swns

Later it was revealed that the chemo killed the cancer cells, yet Munkley can remember the moment the Enya and Bea stopped being an annoyance and wondered if at that time the chemo had killed the cancerous cells in the lump.

Munkley told the doctor what her dogs were doing. The doctor was amazed, and he told me I should thank my dogs as they saved my life.

Their behavior had her checking for lumps which she managed to catch it in its beginning stages.

The story of Munkley spread through the hospital.

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Munkley shared her story with Jordi Colas owner and veterinary surgeon in Caerphilly, South Wales, where Munkley takes her dogs for their check-ups. Colas was not surprised as a dog’s sense of smell is a million times better than humans.

Dogs possess up to about 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses and function differently to humans. It’s believed that dogs know when people are grieving or dying through body language, signs, and smells that only they can detect.

It has been discovered that dogs can detect the odor of various types of cancer such as prostate cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer, and melanoma by smelling people’s skin, body fluids, or breath.

Credit: Dave Evitts Swns

A question I always wondered, why dogs sniff humans privates.

Dogs’ dominant sense is the smell. In humans, the apocrine glands are found in the groin and armpits with the highest concentrations, so, therefore, dogs try to sniff these areas for the same reasons they smell the genital region of other dogs.

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