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Furternity Leave For Pet Owners

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Should you get time off for your pets? 

An interesting word: Fur-ternity. This word is a term used to identify time off for a sick animal. Should this become the law in modern society? Compassion in the workplace is key to opening this door.

Many couples do not have children and see their pets as no less than humans, their babies. These fur babies are not possessions but members of their families. 

An average life span of a dog could be 10 to 15 years, which could mean years of accumulating all kinds of precious memories; they are definitely part of the family.

For most families, their pets are their babies, and it is a forever home for these animals. ‘Until death, we do part.’ Their medical expenses break the bank just like yours. There are pet phycology, dentistry, doggy daycare, and the new fad: Pet Hotels. There is even pet insurance, but not furternity.

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Pets give us unconditional love and devotion, and all they require is love in return, a warm bed, a healthy diet, and exercise. Exercise is an excellent benefit to all of us when we take them for walks or runs. 

What is unconditional love:

When your fur baby runs to greet you at the door when you come home.

When you shout at them, and they still come to sit on your lap. 

Now you look at this from an employer’s perspective. This situation could get out of hand. A member of staff losing precious workdays so that they can stay home to tend to their ill cat or rather have them remain at work worrying and heartbroken not being there for their pet, which is part of the family or maybe the only family they have. Possibly, morning their fur baby, the grief is exactly the same as if you have lost a family member.

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If any harm came to your fur baby and it did not affect you, then this discussion would be silly. If you have shared someone’s grief, you will know that your life or their life will never be the same again. You can never replace a precious soul.

A company, Minneapolis marketing firm, allows new pet owner furternity leave, to work remotely. It is an opportunity for new pet owners to bond with their fur babies.

Several companies already offer pet-friendly offices.

How do you feel about Furternity?

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