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France’s Model Village for Alzheimer’s Patients Makes Residents Feel Independent

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The environment plays an essential role in where children are brought up and raised. This concept also is applied to Alzheimer patients. Humans never seem to stop coming up with innovative ideas. It’s one fantastic idea after another. 

This model village for Alzheimer’s patients is situated near the town of Dax, in the southwest of France. It has been constructed according to the special needs of its 105 members. They are all Alzheimer’s patients in different stages. 

It is the first facility of this sort in France. Nursing homes are not the only thing in this village. It also consists of a grocery store, hairdressing salon, cafeteria, music room, and even a library. 

Members of this community are entitled to so much freedom and many forms of entertainment. They can take part in daily activities such as cooking, shopping, and going to the hairdresser. The caretakers believe that familiar routines will help Alzheimer’s patients in reducing the worst symptoms.

“It’s like being at home, we are treated well” Madeleine Elissalde, one of the village’s first residents, who is 82 years old, told us. The cost of this program is 6.7 million euros a year. 

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Although the patients and their families pay about 24,000 euros per year, the government pays the rest. It is quite expensive, but researchers believe that it is a worthwhile investment. 

Studies about how these settings help Alzheimer’s patients will help researchers gain insight into future treatment methods. These lucky residents are able to live out the rest of their lives freely and with a sense of purpose. 

Click below for a video tour of this unique village.

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that transpires when the nerve cells in the brain die. The condition often results in various behaviors such as; behavior, thinking, impaired memory, and confusion.

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Symptoms of memory loss gradually worsen over the years. In the early stages, memory loss is very mild, but then people will lose the ability to have a conversation as it progresses.

Featured image is screenshot from the YouTube video.

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