Fisherman and Blind Seal Have a Decade-Long Friendship Who Follows Him Daily

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A unique bond formed between a blind seal and a fisherman. They have been friends for ten years, and the seal follows the fisherman every day. 

Shauna, the seal, met Nicholas, the fisherman when she was only a pup. She was just poking her head out of the water and looking for food. Little did she know that she was about to form the unlikeliest friendship ever. 

Ever since they first met, Shauna has been greeting Nicholas near the steps of Peel Bay, just to say “hi”. Nicholas is a 41-year-old crab and lobster fisherman. According to him, he feels like Shauna is his own daughter. He loves her so much. 

Shauna has reserved her afternoon to follow Nicholas behind his boat. She does that before enjoying 2-3 mackerel per day. Ever since Nicholas started feeding her fish, Shauna has become very confident and comfortable in his presence.

It becomes part of her daily routine, and Shauna has never missed a day. She even comes up the steps and waits for Nicholas, as if she had an appointment to see him. The fisherman loves seeing Shauna swimming next to his boat. 

Unfortunately, last year she became blind in one eye, and soon lost her vision in both eyes. Nicholas noticed that her left eye turned white in the latter part of 2019. After six months, both her eyes turned white. 

Since Shauna became blind, Nicholas takes extra special care of her. With her condition, she is likely to suffer from injuries. Even after ten years, their friendship remains the same. To Nicholas, Shauna is like a family. 

Click below to watch a video of Shauna and Nicholas bonding. 

Over the years, we have seen many beautiful and strange friendships between wild animals and humans, yet it is not often that you come across a fish and a human. 

Arakawa, a scuba driver, met Yoriko, an Asian sheepshead wrasse in Japan, on his dives. Arakawa is the allocated caretaker to Shinto religion’s shrines called torii, which is located 56ft underwater in Tateyama Bay. 

Over the years, a fantastic friendship developed, and he would visit her regularly. It became customary for Arakawa to kiss Yoriko every time he saw her. He was the only person that she would allow to kiss her. 

Featured image is screenshot from the YouTube video.

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