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First Ever Hospital In India For Rescued Elephants

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A non-profit organization Wildlife SOS medical Centre opened India’s first elephant hospital in the holy Hindu town of Marhura in Uttar Pradesh.

The hospital is designed to treat sick and injured elephants, the hospital spans over 12,000 feet and is equipped with wireless digital X-Ray machines, an in-house pathology lab, thermal imaging, ultrasonography, tranquillization devices as well as a medical hoist to lift disabled elephants. It also has a quarantine facility and a hydrotherapy pool.

Overnight procedures and treatments are possible as the hospital has special rooms equipped with infrared cameras so that veterinarians can observe and treat the patients.

Elephants are social beings too, just as we are. Wildlife SOS treats Elephants in many forms, including affection.

Photo courtesy of Wildlife SOS

According to the World Wildlife Fund elephants are both cultural and religious symbols and are an integral part of India’s culture and ecosystem. Due to torture by handlers, falling prey to poachers and being forced out of their environments many ends up in captivity.
Elephants are rescued from the hands of abusive mahouts, elephant handlers and or riders who uses these animals to get sympathy begging on streets.

Holly a former street riding elephant completely blind was rescued from a private owner. Due to malnutrition, her body was covered with abscesses, and she also had arthritis in her back legs.

Photo courtesy of Wildlife SOS

Her treatment in the hospital includes cold laser therapy for her arthritis and therapeutic ultrasonography. Her abscesses wounds are treated daily, and treatment will continue until all is healed. Her diet includes lots of fruit with bananas and papayas being her favorite. At last, Holly is getting the medical treatment she needs and deserves.

This new hospital will improve the lives and lifespans of the elephants and will bring awareness to those who are unfamiliar with elephants and their hardship in the wild as elephants need the same welfare measures any other wild animals. The hospital is also attracting local and foreign tourists all eager to see the elephants and the hospital. Hopefully, these eager tourists will help with financial assistance ensuring the success of the hospital.

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Elephants which have been captured, neglected, mistreated, abused are rescued and brought to Wildlife SOS India for treatment


Treated elephants are released to either to the “The Elephant conservation and Care Centre in Mathura or the Elephant Rescue Centre in Yamunanagar” spending their retirement in a happy and healthy environment.

India has the world’s largest population of Asian elephants which has been listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List since 1986 with a decline of at least 50% in the past years. The population is estimated at 25 000 making it essential for India to provide proper medical care.

The world’s first elephant hospital opened in Thailand in 1993. They have treated elephants from diarrhea, cataracts, and cancer with human-made injuries from knives and gunshot wounds. This hospital also fitted prosthetic limbs after elephants stepped on landmines

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